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It's a common scenario: You start with one phone line for voice, fax and Internet communications only to find this setup ineffective. So you purchase a second line for fax and Internet use and keep the original one for your phone. Because your voice and fax/modem lines are separate, however, this solution keeps you from using computer telephony tools to efficiently manage your telecommunications from your PC.

Total E-Call2 ($199.95) from American Network Systems (AmNet) is one hardware/software solution that ties up all the loose ends. The AmNet Telephone Interface Card fits into a standard ISA slot on a PC. This allows you to manage telephone tasks on your PC through the voice line while simultaneously keeping an open Internet or fax connection through the modem line, bringing advanced communications tools to the home office user.

Available through leading retail stores and distributors, Total E-Call2 includes software to create up to 20 voice mailboxes. Standard features let you forward messages to other phones--or even send them via e-mail as audio files, reducing your long-distance charges. Other useful features include an auto-connect to the Internet to send e-mail or download files at preset time periods, RSVP calling to play recorded messages to individuals and record voice responses, and call forwarding so you can receive messages wherever you are, by phone or via the Internet. For more information, visit http://www.americannetwork.com

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