Safety Dance

Ounce Of Prevention

Want to play it safe? Check out the following power tools:


Fenton Technologies' PowerPal features built-in off-line voltage correction for brownout conditions.

Street price: $129-$599 (depending on VA rating)

(800) 735-5877

The 420 VA Powercard from Guardian On-Board is a full-featured off-line UPS that's compact enough to fit in your computer's internal ISA slot.

Street price: $199

(877) 4-MY-POWER

On-site data backup:

Iomega's Jaz external drive can hold up to 2GB of data on removable storage disks.

Street price: drive, $400; disks, $25 each

(888) 446-6342

The DriveDefender from Promise Technology is a PCI card that allows you to add a second (blank) hard drive to your system, which can be used to back up important data if the main hard drive is in danger of failing.

Street price: $99

(800) 888-0245

Off-site data backup: Compaq Computer's online.backup is an Internet-based service that stores your data on its secure server (which you can access any time).

Price: $9.99/month for 500MB


Similar to Compaq's online backup service, Remote Backup Services' @backup also lets you access your stored data at any time.

Price: $29.95/month for unlimited data storage

(800) 344-2000

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