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What a Pain!

First Aids

Software: Oosie Micropause from FranzO Software is a Windows 95/98-compatible package that observes how long you've been typing and interrupts every so often to remind you to take an exercise break, which Oosie demonstrates in a small video window (at left). Download it from Street price: $25 per computer

Keyboard: The SK-6000 Magic Touch keyboard from Silitek is designed to keep your wrists straight and level as you type. Fitted with a padded wrist-rest, the SK-6000 can be adjusted to suit nearly any typing angle. Buy it online at Street price: $59.95

Monitor: The Monitor Height Riser from Office Organix is a low-cost, simple way to adjust the height of your monitor. Durable plastic columns provide five different height adjustment levels for monitors that weigh up to 60 pounds. Purchase the Monitor Height Riser (#91717) online from Street price: $28.95

Monitor glare screen: The Universal Anti-Glare/Radiation shield from Safe Computing is an optically coated glass filter that mounts over a 12- to 15-inch monitor screen and protects eyes from glare, screen flicker and electromagnetic field emissions. Get it online at Street price: $48

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