Experience Counts

Finding stability in an unstable market
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This year's markets have been sloppy, which makes calling the good funds nearly impossible. Instead of looking for hot funds, consider one with a great long-term track record.

The Smith Barney Aggressive Growth Fund is a workhorse fund that's been managed by the same guy, Richard Freeman, since its inception in 1983. It has a five-star Morningstar rating and a typically low portfolio turnover rate, making it extra appealing when holding it outside of a qualified retirement account.

Freeman likes to invest in companies when they're small and hold on to them as they grow into mid- and large caps. As of April 30, about 35 percent of the portfolio was made up of large-cap companies purchased when they were small or midsized companies.

With the fund's weightings heavy into health care and technology, its performance has gotten beat up as of late April-but then again, what funds investing heavily in those sectors haven't? If you're a fan of multicap investing and like great portfolio managers who've been at the helm for a while, this fund is worth a close look.

Smith Barney Aggressive Growth Fund (SHRAX)
Performance: 31% 3-year average annual return, 27.4% 5-year average
annual return
Web site:www.salomonsmithbarney.com/mutualfunds

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