Aliza Pilar Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer, e-entrepreneur and author of eight books, including

PowerTools for Women in Business.

Her work can be found at

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Entrepreneur Magazine

Tech: A New Take

Do women bring an extra something to technology research and development? We asked several women helming their own tech companies for their insight.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Million-Dollar Baby

Looking to hit 7 figures and beyond? Learn from 3 women who are already there.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Public Opinion

Why aren't more companies cashing in on the benefits of putting women in charge?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Rare Commodity

How some women are working hard for the money.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Boys' Club

Women entrepreneurs are creating a formula for success.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Landing the Loan

How some women are approaching bank loans.
Women's Center

To Women Entrepreneurs and Beyond

Starting the Women Presidents' Organization was the launching pad of Marsha Firestone's success.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Women 2.0

Where do women really stand in the tech industry?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Think Big

Yes, you can win big contracts-with a bit of help.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Baby Boom

Older, more affluent moms are inspiring a burgeoning business trend.

Give Self-Esteem Issues the Boot

If low self-esteem is hampering your business success, here are several tactics to give it a boost.

The Perks of a Woman-Owned Business

Women use unique benefits to show employee appreciation--and help their employees find a balance between work and their families.
Motivation and Retention

How Women Business Owners Reward Their Staff

Women use unique benefits to show employee appreciation.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Yes, You Can!

How entrepreneurs stuck to the New Year's resolutions they made for their companies

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