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Do You Work in Your Robe?

Good news: The first annual Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day is here.

Mid-Sized Goes Big Time

Mid-sized franchises are proving stiff competition for the larger players.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 2/03

Heeding the call for the latest cell phone goodies

Have You Heard the Latest?

Want to build a hot business in 2003? These areas of franchising may be your best shots at getting there.
Entrepreneur Magazine

You Bought What on eBay?!

Need an even simpler solution to the franchise buying process? How does an online auction sound?
Entrepreneur Magazine

One Big, Happy Family

These days, franchise systems seem to be irresistibly attracted to each other. But consolidation doesn't have to turn into a family feud.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Do It Yourself

When corporate benefits are layoffs and cutbacks, why not buy a franchise?
Day In The Life

Bright Lights, Big Business

This Christmas Decor franchisee builds a business by being a real-life Santa's helper.
Franchise Zone

Life After Scandal

First came corporate scandal, then bankruptcy. But Ranch *1 is determined to persevere.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 12/02

The pickings are plush in this critter country.

Candy Heaven

Entrepreneurs find sweet success with hip candy store in New York City.

Taking the Plunge

This entrepreneur went from Babies 'N' Bells employee to Babies 'N' Bells operator.
Day In The Life

Got Junk?

These 1-800-Got Junk? franchisees spend their day finding treasure in other people's trash.
Franchise Zone

A Franchise Grows Up

Newly revamped, Buffalo Wild Wings is gearing up to grow past its small-business roots.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Give It Here!

Even in the holiday homestretch, finding the right gift for everyone on your business's list doesn't have to put you in the red.

Clothing With a Message

College friends launch a design business that makes fashion inspirational.

Fiscally Fit

Franchises are serving the needs of a health-conscious client base with women-only fitness centers.
Franchise Zone

A Woman's Place

Is it in franchising? Top women franchisors weigh in on the future of women in franchising.
One on One

Run It Your Way

Just because you're part of a franchise doesn't mean you're not an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Airborne Intelligence

Know who keeps up with the goings-on of a franchise? The advisory council.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Other Shoes

Making the leap from franchise seller to franchise buyer
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's New 10/02

Can a restaurant that serves healthy food and greasy burgers survive?

Customized CDs as Promos

These entrepreneurs put a new spin on the promotional giveaway.

The Pampered Chef

Provide professional and would-be gourmets with gadgets that make cooking easier.

Tool Time

A Matco Tools franchisee finds his perfect fit selling tools to mechanics and auto shops.

No Wires Attached

Fast-food operators are feeding the worldwide wireless trend, with innovations ranging from wireless coupons and free Internet access to faster checkout and better service.
One on One

Her Mother's Footsteps

When her mother retired, Kathy Dodson decided to take over her Decorating Den franchise.
Franchise Buying Guide

A Hamburger by Any Other Name...

How important is product in your search for the perfect franchise?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Family Affair

Even after all these years, a franchisee still finds warmth in a chilly business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Rescue Me

This franchisee saves homes and offices from computer viruses, crashes and other catastrophes.
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