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Cash Flow & Money Management

Make a Statement

What to do if your bank requires audited financial statements
Cash Flow & Money Management

Can't Go With the Flow?

Simple solutions for winning the cash-flow battle
Bank Loans and Microloans

Fair Game

What to know about your loans before buying another business
Entrepreneur Magazine

Enough Already?

Determining how much money you need for an equipment loan
Entrepreneur Magazine

Ride The Line

. . . because getting a fixed-rate loan might not be the best fix.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Getting Personal

You want a business loan, but your lender wants to know if you are good for it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Leave No Loan Unturned

Check out the SBA's new guarantee limits.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Vetting The Vendor

Buying equipment? Read the fine print before you let your vendor do the financing.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Beware The Ball And Chain

. . . of a loan: avoiding prepayment penalties.

What, No Farm?

The Agriculture Department has its eye on business, too.
Venture Capital

The Graduates

Moving from individual investors to institutional VCs means learning to play by a new set of rules.
Entrepreneur Magazine


Wrestling capital from investors online doesn't have to be so hard.
Bank Loans and Microloans

First Strike

Does the early bird get the loan?
SBA and Government Funding

Fast Cash

Catch a major-league SBA loan in just hours with a "preferred" lender.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Last Words

Will closing costs be the death knell of your new loan?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Unwelcome Business

Your small bank's been bought by the not-so-jolly bank giant-now what?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Release Me!

My business is a success, so why's my house still collateral?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Hard Sell

Your business is dead, but don't let the bank sell off the estate.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Husband, No Loan

Is this a mistake or is the bank blatantly sexist?
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Sore Site For Eyes

If a sloppy Web site is your calling card, don't expect a call from lenders.
Bank and Other Loans

So Close . . . Yet So Far

You're buying a business, but your banker won't loan you the full amount--here's what to do.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wise Words

In business, the learning curve is steep-don't take a leap.
SBA and Government Funding

New To You?

Did ya hear the one about the lesser-known SBA loan program?
Entrepreneur Magazine

It's Not Enough

Don't banks frown on asking for more money?
Startup Financing

A Question Of Character

The fifth C is sometimes the most important.
SBA and Government Funding

Tight-Lipped Banks

Are SBA loans a big secret?
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Franchise Advantage

Pros and cons of franchises

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