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Always On Call

Put all your numbers in one place.

Phone Home

New phone cards make every call local.

Calls In Space

With satellite phones, the sky's the limit.
Franchise Zone

Franchising Insight

Successful Franchisees Embrace 'The System'
Entrepreneur Magazine

High Return

Here are a few tips from the experts to make sure your calls get returned.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Power Up!

Don't be shocked by a sudden phone outage.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Lightning Speed

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's DSL!
Entrepreneur Magazine

Safety In Numbers

911 . . . anywhere, any time
Entrepreneur Magazine

Dry Cell

A foolproof case to keep you talking
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bulk Rate

If you've got the lines, they've got the discount.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Did You Know . . .

who invented Digital Spread Spectrum technology?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bite Your Tongue!

Or you'll end up paying for it.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Hands Required

Voice recognition for your cell phone
Entrepreneur Magazine

Global Roaming

Worldwide telephony standards are on the way.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Talk Is Cheap

How to get low long-distance rates on every call
Entrepreneur Magazine

Nonstop Numbers

Auto-dialing is now within your reach.
Entrepreneur Magazine

For The Record

Don't get burned when you make a verbal agreement.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Calling All Countries

The latest cell phones let you roam, if you want to.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Bug Repellent

Prepare your phone system for Y2K.


Start e-commerce company. Collect millions. Retire at 25. Yeah, right. A closer look at what you really need to succeed in the changing world of e-commerce.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Directing Traffic

Take control of your phone system.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wireless Wandering

You are now free to move around your company.
Entrepreneur Magazine

In Your Face

Entrepreneurs are on the screen--and technology scene--thanks to user-friendly videoconferencing.

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