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Bank Loans and Microloans

Sweet Promises

When do you have to personally guarantee a loan?
Getting Started

It Figures

How to determine how much of a line of credit you need for your growing business
Cash Flow & Money Management


Maintaining good relations with your bank even when you don't need money from them

Lay Low

How to find a bank that's right for you
Managing Cash Flow

Face The Facts

What to do when you're in a cash crunch and can't make payments on a bank loan
Startup Financing

"C" Your Way Through It

Part 2: Important elements lenders look at before they hand over the cash

The Big Five

The three elements lenders look at before they hand over the cash

The Frugal Gourmet

Our expert offers advice on applying for an equipment loan.
Startup Financing

Divided We Stand

How important are financial ratios in a financial proposal?
Bank Loans and Microloans

Raw Deal

Evaluating what went wrong after being turned down for a bank loan

Sporting Chance?

Loan agreements

Terms Of Endurement

Equipment financing

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