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Entrepreneur Magazine

Work It

What makes startups tick? Check out some surprising research on smart starts.
Human Resources

Joining the Ranks

Returning veterans are proving to be powerful new hires.
Management & Operations

Hot Spots

Got the itch to move? Looking to expand? Our Hot Cities rankings are back for 2005 and ready to help point you in the right direction.

Do Your Kids Remember What You Look Like?

Entrepreneurs can easily get caught up in the day-to-day of their biz at the expense of family. How do kids take it?

Barter Your Way to Success

No cash? No problem. Here's how smart entrepreneurs use barter to save money and grow their businesses.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Parent Trap

Entrepreneurs wonder what effect their businesses have on their kids.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Return to Me

Learn how to capture the greatest return on the customers you already have.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Holding Pattern

So far this year, small-business hiring has been on pause.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Disorderly Conduct

Entrepreneurs make their quirks work for them.
Compensation and Benefits

Commuter Gains

Ease employees' transportation troubles with commuter benefits.

Tis the Season

Learn how the holidays can help boost your eBay sales with our must-have tips, tactics and advice.

Insider Tips for Selling Specific Products

Zero in on your category, and learn expert techniques to make your sales sing.

Behavioral Disorder or Entrepreneurial Asset?

Everyone has quirks, but some entrepreneurs have leveraged the biz-friendly aspects of their disorders.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Future's So Bright

Find out now how technology will evolve in the coming years.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Promised Land

U.S. companies find new opportunities by partnering with Israeli firms.
Managing Employees

Leading the Way

Pick-your-own mentor programs help new employees move ahead.

Beware of Poachers

Is your brilliant new hire being courted by another company? Here's how to fight back and keep them in your camp.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Rural Renewal

Can entrepreneurs help boost small-town economies?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Movin' On Up

Want to grow like the pros? This book shows you what to do--and what not to do.
Managing Employees

The Truth?

Your employees can handle it, so just communicate with them, already.

They CAN Handle the Truth!

Want employees who trust you and share ideas for improving your biz? Then you need to communicate. Here's how.

Top 17 Startup Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

A seasoned entrepreneur reveals the 17 most common mistakes startups make -- and how you can avoid them.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Top Secret

What do the leaders of top companies have in common? Learn their secrets.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Growth Stunt

Rising costs have put a damper on small-business hiring.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Got Gamers?

Learn how to manage the new generation of workers.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Two-Timer Trouble

New hire being courted by another company? Now you can fight back.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tee Time

Make sense of the global economy by riding the coattails of a T-shirt.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Eastern Influence

Chinese investment is starting to pour into the West.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Jumping the Gun

The issue of firearms in the workplace heats up.
Entrepreneur Magazine

The Little Black Box

A stash of fresh ideas always comes in handy for a resourceful entrepreneur.
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