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Mark Henricks

30 Recent Stories

In Strictest Confidence

How to instill faith in yourself--and in employees at the same time.
November 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

A New Leaf

If you want to make changes to help your business soar, you've got to win people over first.
November 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Working IT

Have you been putting off tech spending? Now's the time to get high-tech equipment at low prices.
October 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Best Practices

Entrepreneurship may not be a part of the curriculum at professional schools, but today, doctors, lawyers and other professionals are learning to think like entrepreneurs--and build better businesses
October 1, 2004 in Leadership

Think Ahead

Spot the "disruptive innovations" that can make or break your business success.
October 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

eBay Resources

eBay offers a variety of resoruces to help you start and run your business. Here are some places to start your research.
October 1, 2004 in Selling Online

Work, Interrupted

Think work distractions are a pain? Top CEOs tend to disagree.
September 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Flaw and Order

Are you apt to make mistakes? You're not alone. Find out how to avoid these 8 common pitfalls.
September 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

What a Match!

Feel like your business is missing a key element? Finding a good partner could be just the thing to complete the picture. Here's what you should keep in mind if you want to make a partnership click.
September 1, 2004 in Partnership

Against the Grain

Forget big marketing budgets--it's time to think outside the (cereal) box.
August 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Just "To-Do" It

Having trouble getting organized? Start by getting a grip on your to-do list.
August 1, 2004 in Work/Life Balance

Use It or Lose It

Is your business usable--or disposable? Figure it out before your competitors gain an edge.
July 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Following the Leader

Learn these laws, and employees won't be far behind you.
July 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs Shun the Nine-to-Five
June 24, 2004 in Franchise Zone

Get a Clue!

This author offers big nuggets of small-business wisdom.
June 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

The Right Way to Innovate

Rather than selling products you think people ought to buy, put out things they'll actually use.
June 1, 2004 in Innovation

Extra Credit

Entrepreneurship education is coming of age in America's classrooms. Find out which schools make the grade in our 2nd Annual Top 100 Entrepreneurial Colleges and Universities.
May 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Think Fast

There's no such thing as a surprise--not if you're paying attention.
May 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Watch Your Back

You'd better be careful--your company's e-mail messages could come back to haunt you in court.
May 1, 2004 in Legal Center

Tell and Show

RFID chips revolutionize the way you get info about products, even before you open the box.
April 1, 2004

Living Large

Want to expand your business? Then make the most of what you've got, one step at a time.
April 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

How to Grow When You Are the Business

The road to expansion is open, even if your business is built around your own specialized skills.
March 1, 2004 in Growth Strategies

Don't Be a Hero?

Not if this book has anything to say about it.
March 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

What Not to Do

A seasoned entrepreneur reveals the 17 most common mistakes startups make and how to avoid them -- plus, the 5 things you must do to ensure success.
February 1, 2004 in Startup Basics

Branching Out

For faster growth, take what you do best to a whole new level.
February 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

On a Roll

Stuck for extra office space? Mobile furniture could help you maximize the space you've already got.
February 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

Find out which cities topped our 10th annual list of the best cities for small business.
January 5, 2004

Outsourcing Your Payroll

If handling payroll by yourself has become a hassle, maybe it's time to go with an outside service.
January 1, 2004 in Cash Flow & Money Management

The Extra Mile

Going above and beyond may be your winning business strategy.
January 1, 2004 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Silver Lining

How looking on the bright side can help you run your business
December 1, 2003 in Entrepreneur Magazine
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