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A New Face

From its Sugarbath and milk formula product lines to its partnership with luxury giant LVMH, there's nothing stale about Fresh.
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Using His Noodles

With a vision of bringing Asian street food to the American public, this former restaurant manager may have hit on the next big thing.
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A presidential sex scandal got their nonprofit off the ground. Now their 300,000 politically conscious members keep it going.
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Marketing Buzz 11/01

Tattoos: the new deal-closers, and the marketing benefits of event sponsorships
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Hopping from product to product, Leap Frog's founder makes learning lighthearted and lands his toys on store shelves everywhere.
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Ready for Launch?

These are the voyages of the starship Entrepreneur- boldly doing business in space.
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Big Break

Is it time for your product to stop playing supporting roles and steal the show?
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Drink Up

From cans of Whoopass energy drink to Berry White juice, Seattle-based Jones Soda Co. reflects the offbeat personality of its founder.
Managing Employees

Who Hired Pottymouth?

Everybody's talking dirty these days. Is cursing out of control in your workplace?
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A Lot to Learn

Just because you run a company doesn't mean you know everything. With a little education, though, you can change that.
Startup Basics

Mentorships: The Ultimate Networking Tool

Much more than advisors, mentors can help you learn the ropes and locate prospects, too.
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Jim Lesser

31, founder of JDL Management in Philadelphia, maker of three of the top 10 arcade games in the world

Building a Brand

Natural Splash Beverages proves it's not ludicrous to think an entrepreneur can make a dent in the beverage industry.

Details, Details

It might sound like a nauseating endeavor, but paying attention to details is a surefire way to keep your clients happy as clams.
Ads by Type

Show and Sell

Give your potential customers front-row seats for your ads with rich e-mail.
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Quick Change

How fast can you make a million? For these companies, the answer was one year. But who knows? Maybe you could do it in less.
Protecting Your Idea

"Oh, Yeah? Prove It!"

Bringing both sides of the patent issue together to find the truth about prior art

Cold-Calling Basics

Take the "cold" out of "cold-calling," and you'll win prospects over.

Reach Out and E-mail Someone

Setting up an e-mail marketing campaign

Take a Stand!

Are you running your company, or are your customers? Even if the customer is always right, you're still the boss.

Don't Make Yourself Comfortable

Remember your pals in high school--the ones who wrote "Don't ever change!" in your yearbook? For your business' sake, forget them.
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Cuttin' (Edge) Class

When teacher writes your name on the "smart board," is it a good or a bad thing?
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On the trail of Wayne Rogers (aka Trapper John), because we hear he's a "big businessman"

Name That Business

And take your time to get it right.

Give Your Website a Makeover

How to know when your site is a dud--and get it up to par

For Better or for Worse

Starting a business with your better half isn't like buying a couch together. Before you hang your shingle, make sure you've both got what it takes.
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"You Can't Be For Real!"

Who says? These entrepreneurs think consumers are ready for a dose of reality with their virtual.

Homebased Biz v2.0

Even in today's economy, we may be in for a homebased boom. So what are you waiting for?
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Use the Force

Your sales force, that is, because you can't just sit there waiting for customers to find your Web site. You have to go find them.
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All Kidding Aside

Is a generation of busy, booming entrepreneurs spawning the next generation of messed-up kids?