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Sandra Mardenfield

11 Recent Stories

The Dating Game

Start your own matchmaking service.
February 1, 2000 in Magazine

'Tis The Season

Start planning now to deck the malls with profits as the owner of a seasonal opportunity.
July 1, 1998 in Magazine

Tax Strageties

Winning moves to keep your taxes in check
March 1, 1997 in Magazine

After The Partys Over

How to perk up sales during the post-holiday slump
February 1, 1997 in Magazine

Maximum Exposure

Use these techniques to successfully reach your entire market.
January 1, 1997 in Magazine

Untangling The Web

How to market on the Internet with or without a Web site
November 1, 1996 in Magazine

Spicing Up Seasonal Sales

Use these creative promotions to increase your holiday profits.
November 1, 1996 in Magazine

Setting Your Sites On The Web

A guide to creating a home page that customers will turn to.
October 1, 1996 in Magazine

Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams

When comparing MLMs, incentive programs can be the difference between the drab and the dazzling.
October 1, 1996 in Magazine

Network Marketing

3 Top recruiters recount their successful team strategies.
September 1, 1996 in Magazine

Makeup Mogul

The keys to success: How Mary Kay's company became the Cadillac of cosmetics
April 1, 1996 in Magazine