The Joint...the chiropractic place

Convenient, affordable chiropractic care in a membership model.

Business Type: Franchise

Startup Costs: $105,125 - $145,825



Welcome to The Joint... the chiropractic place. Founded in 1999, The Joint was created to promote and deliver the health benefits of routine chiropractic care. At the time, a rapidly changing chiropractic industry left providers searching for an alternate means to meeting the needs of patients in an otherwise conventional healthcare structure. On a mission to meet the needs of both patient and chiropractor, The Joint set out to transform the traditional and often misunderstood practice of chiropractic care into a strong, simple and valuable business.
We carry on this mission today, bringing our vision of chiropractic care to patients everywhere through local franchise locations, presenting an excellent opportunity for business investors and chiropractors alike. The Joint concept is unique, proven, easy to implement and profitable.


Franchise Opportunities

The Joint began franchising in 2003. As of March 28, 2013, 372 franchises have been awarded in 24 states.

Entrepreneur Magazine recognized The Joint as a Hot Franchise to Watch in 2012.


The Joint concept is unique, proven, easy to implement and profitable through local franchise locations, presenting an excellent opportunity for business investors and Chiropractors alike. Our goal is to make your business operational and profitable as soon as possible. The benefit of opening a franchise with us is low overhead, high volume client traffic and small staff requirements. We provide support through the entire development process from identifying profitable site opportunities to negotiating a favorable lease— from the space plan to the specified accessories. Ongoing support and training; customized software for business, clinic, and patient management; and turn-key marketing tools to support national and local outreach are all provided. Our model eliminates the endless hassles of chasing insurance claims and negotiating payment— including the paperwork that goes along with those aggravations.



"We have had a wonderful experience developing The Joint brand in Texas. We are thrilled to be working with John Leonesio again (CEO of The Joint and founder of Massage Envy). John is a master at simplifying the service delivery process.Our franchise awarding process has greatly exceeded our wildest dreams as we have had the great fortune to find numerous outstanding franchisee candidates who are capable of helping launch this hot new brand, many of whom are our former Massage Envy colleagues. The Joint concept is amazing, the public is wholeheartedly embracing it and the franchisees are pleased with its success and potential! What more could we ask for?"

Anne and David Glover
Regional Developers, Texas

"My business is profitable in 6 months and has minimal overhead. With an aging population the demand will only continue to grow. I am surrounded by a team with a track record of success. The Joint's concept and financial model will forever change the industry."

Stephen Gubernick, DC


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