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Earn Cash With a Boozelator® Smart Breathalyzer Vending Machine & Advertising Route.

Business Type: Business Opportunity

Startup Costs: $999 - $50,000

Can be operated from home: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes


We provide the most advanced breathalyzer vending machine on the planet, the Boozelator® 3001, boasting a SMART LCD advertising monitor for additional revenue, and a Platinum Fuel Cell (law enforcement technology) alcohol sensor for high accuracy results. Simply place the Boozelator® in alcohol-serving establishments in your area and the bar patrons can pay (you set it $1-$5/test) to test their BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) level. Comes standard with a bill or coin acceptor and can be upgraded to accept credit cards. Sell ads on the SMART LCD advertising monitor for additional revenue. With the WiFi upgrade, you can remotely monitor and control your Boozelator® 3001 machine: send advertisements to your machines in seconds, monitor your vending sales and straw levels (straws are used for clean, cheap mouth pieces). 

Franchise Opportunities

We are not a franchise, so there is no minimum purchase and NO startup or royalty fees! Some people start with 1-5 machines, some start with 50+, it is up to you. The Boozelator® 3001 was released in 2010, after nearly 2 years in development to bring the most advanced BAC vending machine to the market. You can now find the Boozelator® machine in all 50 US states and throughout the world on 6 continents. Though we have wide spread reach, there is no state or country that is well-saturated, so there is still a lot of open market-share in all areas of the USA and world. Since 2010, we have continually added upgradable options to keep the product cutting edge.


We offer free live technical and customer support for life! The Boozelator® machine and concept is easy to learn: most people learn the vending functions in 10-15 minutes and the advertising functions in less than 1 hour. We provide free unlimited remote training via one-on-one online classrooms, easy to follow video tutorials, over the phone support and more! We are here to guide you every step of the way.


Blo Dad & Sons, LLC is the only company in the breathalyzer vending industry to have an “A” rating with the BBB!

Blo Dad & Sons has been exceptional with customer service.   Staff members have not only been personal, but have responded to me the customer above and beyond what I could have asked for.   It is rare to find a company so honest and willing to work so diligently for their customers success.  It has been pleasant to know such integrity still exists in the business world.  I give Blo Dad & Sons a High Five!!
- Deanna, Drink Smart Idaho, LLC 

Kris, I received my Boozelator® today. I think you under-estimated this thing, it’s like a Rolls Royce compared to my other one! It’s like day and night, there’s not even remotely a contest!
John, Long Island, NY

I am retired from 17 yrs as a mortgage loan officer and I need to do something for extra income.  I’m tired of the corporate politics, managing people, and working for someone else.  The Boozelator® breathalyzer vending route sounds perfect! I have a son who is a police sargeant near Minneapolis, so I talked to him about the Boozelator®.  He thought it was a fantastic idea!  In the 14 yrs as a police officer, he has been on the night shift for 13 of those yrs.  He said that he can’t count how many times people have told them that they had no idea they were over the legal limit.
- Cat, MI

I feel I should share how my relationship with BD & Sons has gone. First class is how I would classify my experience with their salesman, Gabe Jacobs. From my first call with dozens of questions he has been professional and prompt. I was very hesitant about purchasing 2 machines and had many questions. I even went as far as driving to his hometown to see the product in person. After meeting Gabe for only an 1 hour, I was sold on his professionalism and the quality of the product. I was treated like I was purchasing 50 machines and gave me excellent service throughout the process. In the past 8 months I have grown from 2 to 18 breathalyzers. Some of these machines I have purchased from third parties. BD & Sons knows this and is still on top of their game with excellent customer service. I have called with questions after 5 or even on the weekends, 9 out of 10 times they answer and are able to help me. Gabe has even gone as far as to drive a hour and a half, on 2 separate occasion, to attend a advertising sales meeting on my behave. How many sales people do you know that would do that? What has really sold me lately is his unwavering service with my third party purchases. This is very appreciated Gabe, thank you.
- Trey Orlando, FL

Blo Dad & Sons has been a pleasure to work with. They are true to their word – they helped us start our business, land locations immediately and helped with landing advertisers for us too. The Boozelator® 3001 is a top notch machine by both it’s looks and features. As of now we have a 23 machine route, and growing. Our machines are averaging over 150 uses/month, and advertising accounts for more. It feels great to run a business that helps save lives, and is profitable! I am proud to recommend Blo Dad & Sons to anyone looking for an easy to run, supplemental income business.
- Claire, NY
I just wanted to say I have never had better customer service. Blo Dad & Sons is a great company to work with!
- Tony – San Dimas, CA

Just emptied my busiest bar, after 8 days my Boozelator® had $167 from vending sales in it.
- Jeremy, Wellington, FL

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