Shoutback Concepts

Offer software solutions that drive sales by (1) empowering customer referrals, (2) boosting onsite and online traffic, and (3) generating leads for any local business. Establish your own pricing and grow residual income. Full support and training.

Business Type: Business Opportunity

Startup Costs: $250 - $2,000

Can be operated from home: Yes
Can be run part-time: Yes


Imagine if you could provide local businesses with solutions they could use to jump-start excitement, boost sales, or widen the gap between their competition.

Every business in America is looking for ways to connect with prospective or existing customers. As an Affiliate you can be the “talk of your town” as you deliver real solutions with no hassles, no local competitors and no limit to your income.

Business Opportunity

Since 1997 Shoutback has pioneered many revenue generating solutions sold by top media companies like Gannett, Google, Digital First, and Hearst or we’ve sold directly to companies of all sizes including the Fortune 500.


Shoutback’s white label (private branded) products help businesses differentiate themselves from their competition and flourish. Using the latest tools from social media, mobile apps, and customizable websites businesses are connected to customers; creating excitement, growing onsite or online traffic, generating ongoing leads and budget boosting recurring sales.
Shoutback’s current software solutions are offered by affiliates across the nation who will add these products to an existing offering or take these products and build a business around them. Their current products are:

Click-n-Shout: Attract consumers with a thrilling game-like experience; fuelling buzz, and sales all businesses crave.
Boomuhrang: Turn the best customers into dynamic sources of referrals for any business.
Service Pros for Hire: The way America connects people with trusted service pros.


Shoutback understands how to support affiliates and sales networks. Past rollouts of software solutions include supporting a base of 300+ media outlets (over 3500 sales representatives) that generated $5 million in sales each day and over 1.2 million transactions per month.

Shoutback has an initial “on boarding” training program designed to help affiliates build a sales plan, develop marketing strategies, and create a sales presentation.

Online orientation sessions are offered to assist affiliates with their understanding of admin dashboards as well as “exploration classes” designed to build a knowledge base of features to demonstrate when presenting to prospective business customers.

Ongoing support is given though phone and email support.


“In the 2-1/2 years I’ve been involved in online sales this has trumped all other initiatives.” -Mike H.

$74,053 revenue in one sales day. “UNBELIEVABLE response!!! We are really looking forward to the upcoming year.” -Jeff K. 

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