Multivista Brings the Solution to the Problem with New Mobile Offering

Multivista Brings the Solution to the Problem with New Mobile Offering

PHOENIX (November 1, 2011) – Multivista, the innovative construction technology firm announces today the launch of their most recent offering - Multivista Mobile!

With Multivista Mobile, clients will have access to the same Multivista Documentation System they have come to rely on throughout the construction process – now directly from a mobile device.

“Our clients have been asking for mobile for some time,” CEO Luis Pascual said. “It is our pleasure to finally offer our valued clients mobile access to their construction projects with Multivista Mobile.”

“ (With Multivista Mobile) Clients truly have the ability to bring solutions directly to the problems while onsite,” Mr. Pascual added.

With Multivista Mobile, users will be able to connect to the Multivista Documentation System via their mobile device. This on-the-go access will allow Multivista users to refer to their project documentation literally anywhere – even right on the job site while troubleshooting an issue.

“Users will find that they can seamlessly access their comprehensive documentation from the mobile environment, with no lack of clarity or loss of detail,” said CTO Graham Twigg.

Clients can use Multivista Mobile for instant access to project documentation via most mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Multivista Mobile is the first in a series of new features and services set to debut within the next few months. Multivista Video is on-deck for a November 21st release with Multivista Webcam soon to follow.

About Multivista
Multivista provides thousands of readily available inspection-grade digital photographs of construction projects that are indexed to the architectural drawings by date and location. During construction, Multivista provides a fundamental web-based collaboration tool to assure timely information sharing, quality installations, trade accountability and efficient reporting and documentation. After construction, the Multivista system provides the most accurate, accessible and easily navigated permanent record available for your facility managers and for future expansion, maintenance and modification.

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