Inside the July 2006 Issue
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In Full Bloom

VC funding had another fruitful year, nurturing young and established companies alike.

The Money Market

From banks to VCs, there's plenty of cash out there for entrepreneurs. But that doesn't mean the road to finding financing has gotten any shorter or smoother.


Almost Famous

Firm Foundation

Two entrepreneurs build a cosmetics empire based on flawless faces and celebrity clients.
Biz Travel

Lofty Lodgings

A new class of airy, open and affordable hotels is springing up.

It's All in Your Head

Free your mind to find new business models.
Forward Features

In on the Action

Meet the new entrants to the action-sports retail market.
Forward Features

Beyond Biometric

Would you embed security chips in your employees?
Forward Features

Fund Do

Business borrowers and individual lenders come together on this new site.
Forward Features

Bird's-Eye View

Make maps a part of your marketing plan.
Forward Features

Rest in Peace

Death becomes creative for funeral entrepreneurs.
Forward Features

Pay It Forward

New payment technologies make spending safer and easier.
Forward Features

Stop, Thief!

Brand pirates now fake SMB products. Are you getting hurt?

Civil Service

Position your company to get government contracts.

Troubled Waters

It's been a year of scandal, criticism and change at the SBA.

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Consider a small truck for all your light-load needs.
Hot Trend

Robotic Retail

Will high-end vending machines push the right buttons with consumers?
Innovation Buzz

Like a Kid Again

Can thinking like a child help your business?
Innovation Snapshot

Reaching New Heights

These roofing specialists are growing their business by focusing on the environment.
Whats Next

Moving Pictures

Forget boring billboards--internet-connected signage is grabbing consumers' attention in a whole new way.
Global Village

Export with Ease

A free online filing system makes your mandatory paperwork a breeze.
Lead Buzz

Running for Cover

Should you eliminate health coverage entirely or limit it to a few key employees?
Lead Snapshot

Want It All?

It's not that you shouldn't dream big; you just need to know when to pull in the reins.

The Outsiders

How far does your workers' compensation stretch?
Smart Moves

Pushing Buttons

Are more features what your customers really want? Try to make your product do too much, and it may end up doing nothing at all.
Staff Smarts

Relative Worth

Is it possible to fire a family member without inciting a feud?
Dollar Signs

Mutual Benefits

An employee stock ownership plan lets you take some cash out of your company while giving your workers a stake in the business.

Away From Home

Property isn't the only kind of real estate investment.

Honesty Pays

Insurance fraud is not only a crime-it's costly, too.
Money Buzz

Study Plans

Tax rules, funding tuition bills and more.
Money Snapshot

Military Might

A powerful ally is helping this software company grow into a force to be reckoned with.
Personal Finance

Pulled Under

Since expectations for mutual funds can be artificially sunny, consider using index funds to stay afloat.
Raising Money

London Calling

The London stock exchange is courting American entrepreneurs for its small-cap market. Are you a perfect match?
Rich Returns

Benefit from Boom and Bust

How to profit in a fluctuating economy.
Tax Talk

Now C This

IRS rules limit the tax benefits of C corporations.
Net Sales

What's in a Name?

What you don't know can hurt you online, so keep a close eye on your brand to make sure your company appears in its best light.
Real Deal

Chill Out

Managing your stress makes you a better deal-maker.
Retail Register

Organized Crime

Stop shoplifting gangs from hurting your shop.
Sales Success

Step Right Up

Running low on motivation? It happens to the best of us. These 6 tips will help you get moving in the right direction.
Sell Buzz

Tech it up a Notch

Using technology to service clients and to keep in touch on the road.
Sell Snapshot

Candid Camera

Integrating a webcam into his site has helped this scuba retailer reel in extra sales.

Hit the Sweet Spot

If you're marketing to other business owners, you need to offer the 7 things they want most--and learn how you can deliver them.
Biz 101

Circle of Friends

Hiring your friends can pay off for your business--if you do it right.
Biz 101

Bit by Bit

Fund your startup with pieces of your finished product.
Biz 101

Sell Well

Nervous about selling? Getting started is easier than you think.
Biz U

Girls Club

Today's college women are gearing up to be tomorrow's entrepreneurs.
eBay Entrepreneur

Star Treatment

Make your eBay business shine by offering stellar customer service.

Of Mice and Men

Pesky critters crawling and the military calling put this franchisee in a bind.

Double Dipping

Life is sweet for a vice president of sales by day and chocolate fountain franchisee by night.
Smart Ideas

Smart Ideas 07/06

Cell phone covers, bachelor party adventure trips and more.
Startup Features

You Can Do It!

Despite some bumps in the road, these 5 entrepreneurs created thriving businesses. Learn from their challenges to help keep your company on the right track.
Startup Features

Fresh Picks

Which food franchises will be flying off the shelves in the near future? Ones that offer fast, healthy and fresh options.
Success Coach

What Do You Know?

Chances are, not everything. Luckily, the unknown is full of opportunity.
Whats Your Problem

How to Attract an Audience

How to attract people to your seminars.
Buyers Guide

Small Packages

They may be little, but these smartphones pack plenty of features.

Launch Sequence

Feel the need for speed? Cellular broadband is ready for liftoff.
Digital Edge

Analyze This

Input, output, expenses, taxes... what does it all mean? With Peachtree's latest editions, you can start making the numbers work for you.
Net Profits

It's a Wrap

Want strong sales all year? Use your site to tap into the gift market.
Net Profits

Buddy Up

Talking avatars are a friendly way to connect with site visitors.
Tech Buzz

Remote Control

The growing popularity of telework.
Tech Buzz

Juice Caboose

Power backup for your business.
Tech Snapshot

Power of Community Service

Giving power to the people has helped this pair build a thriving e-commerce site.

Means to An "N"

It's not official yet, but you can get faster Wi-Fi now.
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