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Inside the September 2008 Issue



Almost Famous
Fashion-forward entrepreneurs bring a clever shopping concept stateside.
Doing Good
For Danielson Designs, creating a successful business was just another way to help the community.
Edge Features
In crowded markets, versatility is the key to success.
Edge Features
Read up on the other people and trends of the small biz world.
Edge Features
Webcomics are picking up where print comic books and newspaper strips have left off
Edge Features
The right shopping bag can carry more than just your business's merchandise.
Edge Features
If your business depends heavily on a particular item, don't be afraid to buy it in bulk.
Healthy Business
A healthy workplace starts at the top.
Moving On
Even in a tough real estate market, stay focused on your business plan when making relocation decisions.
There's no such thing as a free lunch--or baggage handler--so plan your travel accordingly.
Chevy's new Tahoe Hybrid is a mean, green machine
Some of the business world's most influential women get together to take on the future.
Rich Returns
It may be hard to swallow, but negative feedback can get you heading in the right direction.
Invest in the west? Try again--investors see opportunity in the middle east.
Bill Tancer knows exactly where online consumers are going and when. Don't you want to know, too?
Wise Guy
If you've got a great product, a great brand will follow--if you're sending the right message.
If you have the cash, the market is ripe for dealing, just do your due diligence.
Money Buzz
Rising costs push entrepreneurs to take back their companies in going-private deals.
Online calculators help you play "what if" games with your finances.
Raising Money
Striking a balance between sales, profits and cash flow may mean giving one the upper hand.
By helping people manage their money, this entrepreneur is earning his.
Biz U
Your university might have exactly what you need to get your business booted up and running.
Practical products are no longer passé. How function meets fashion.
Need something to talk about? Here's how to get a mouthful of content.
You have to build your experience before you can build your budget.
Net Profits
Find your niche by putting a spin on your online travel business.
Smart Ideas
Be in the Know About the Next Big Thing.
Startup Features
From massage franchises to websites for the visually impaired, these are the ideas that are making waves in the sea of opportunities.
Startup Features
Take a look at the newest faces on the franchising scene.
Success Coach
You may have it all planned out, but little surprises can bring big successes.
Best Practices
Should you brand yourself along with your business?
They might be clicking through, but will they buy? Don't just wait and see.
To sell abroad, you'll need to make some alterations.
When the economy takes a tumble, don't let your marketing go down with it. Stay standing by retuning your message.
Surefire ways to build your core confidence.
Get the latest tips and texts to help your business at home and around the world.
Work Force
Lock up employee data, or face the consequences.
Buyers Guide
Take smarter shots with a new feature-packed digital camera.
If you've been hoping for an end to early termination fees, sorry--they're still here.
Digital Edge
The bigger the better? Not when you're trying to reach the next level of portability.
Encrypting data can save you lots of heartache. How should you do it?
Get the rest of your tech fix here.
Web Sight
How can your company harness the power of rave reviews? A customer-driven social networking site makes it possible.
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