Inside the October 2008 Issue
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Why This Election Matters To You

McCain and Obama weigh in on health care, taxes and the economy.

Get Noticed

Shine a spotlight on your business with our 21 low-cost marketing moves.

Launch Pad to Success

Thousands of colleges are getting down to business, turning today's students into tomorrow's business leaders. This list of best schools for entrepreneurs shows which ones make the grade.


Doing Good

Helping Artisans Thrive

One entrepreneur turned his desire for cultural preservation into a booming business.
Edge Features

Save Water, Make Money

These drought-busting businesses have discovered the fountain of wealth.
Healthy Business

Time to De-Stress

Take these healthy steps to decrease anxiety and increase productivity.

A Fuel-Friendly Truck

Ford's latest full-size puts the super in Super Duty.

Tech: A New Take

Do women bring an extra something to technology research and development? We asked several women helming their own tech companies for their insight.
Rich Returns

The Price of Gas

Look to the brighter side of increasing oil prices: It can actually fuel you to become a better entrepreneur.

Pre-Election Stock Report

How will your investment portfolio fare when the new president takes office?
Wise Guy

11 Public-Speaking Pointers

A successful speech should always end with a standing ovation--here's how to get yours.

Stay Out Of Trouble

Before you decide to call it quits, consider these tips for getting your business through tough times.
Money Buzz

Keep Giving Back

In a struggling economy, entrepreneurs get creative with philanthropy.
Raising Money

Loan-Packaging Help

How do you show lenders you mean business? A professionally prepared loan package may help.
Biz U

School's In--Online

Get an entrepreneurial education without setting foot in a classroom.

Surviving Business Boot Camp

Programs nationwide offer budding entrepreneurs lessons in startup.

Gaining The Lead

3 areas you can't afford to ignore when it comes to the all-important lead.
Net Profits

Start a Search Engine Company

This duo stands apart from the big guys with its people search technology.
Startup Features

How to Make a Million

These 7 industries hold seven-figure potential. Find out how to get started in each one--and take one step closer to a richer life.
Success Coach

Sales On Your Side

Maintain priority status among your sales partners, even if you're a small fish in a big pond.
Best Practices

Get Thoroughly Green

Take a look at your company's eco-friendliness from start to finish.

Reaching Multitaskers

Consumers juggle all kinds of media these days. So how can you get noticed and influence their purchases?

Master the Art of Saying Less and Selling More

Make every word you say count by becoming a better listener.
Work Force

Hired Help

The pros and cons of hiring independent contractors.
Digital Edge

Surf New Browsers

New Firefox, Opera and Safari give Internet Explorer a run for its money.

Laptop Quick Fixes

Emergency-care options for your ailing notebook.
Tech Buzz

Got Video?

Streaming video is a must-have; Acting skills aren't required, but a camera is.
Web Sight

Join Forces Online

Web-based collaboration technology plays go-between when face-to-face isn't possible.
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