Inside the January 2013 Issue
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Women to Watch

Our first annual list of seven of the most innovative woman leaders from technology to retail to health and more.

The Big 10

With new strategies for growth, these powerhouses lead our ranking.

The Social Score

Our picks for the best, the worst and the craziest online promotions from franchise companies.

Power in Numbers

Companies that target specific populations are a major force in the franchising upswing.

Checking In -- And Staying

International growth helps keep Hampton Hotels at No. 1 for a third year.

Family Affair

It's been a long road to franchise success for Rosati's Pizza stores who squeak onto our ranking at number 499.

Sales of a Death Man

1-800-Autopsy tackles a need that never really goes away.

Anytime Fitness Pulls Its Weight

Convenience and online strategy drive rapid growth for the 24-hour micro-gym franchise.

How I Did It

When times got tough, these franchisees held their ground and didn't look back.

Do You Want Truffle Fries With That?

Quick-serve restaurants are beefing up their menus with gourmet offerings in an effort to compete with their fast-casual counterparts.

Keep It In the Family

Savvy systems offer financial help to their franchisees.

Yes, Sir Franchize!

What's in a name? When it comes to franchising, a lot of goofy stuff.

The Winners of Entrepreneur of 2012

All three winners of our Entrepreneur of 2012 contest bring innovation and creativity to their industries.

Epic Fail

Failure is inevitable, but is there a right way to go wrong? An open mindset and a willingness to learn from mistakes can be all that stand between glorious comeback and utter collapse.

Falling Upward

At FailCon, entrepreneurs study other's failures and how to prepare for their success.

Lessons in Losing

From stolen inventory to legal woes these five fearless 'treps clawed their way back from disaster.

Rev Up Your Startup

Accelerator programs are exploding in number, promising cash, mentorship, exposure and prestige. Here's what to look for, how to get in and how to reap the rewards.

The Biggest Startup Mistakes

Business success is more about gut instinct than spreadsheets and other tips from Entrepreneur Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper.


All Up In Your Business

Fluff Up Your Cash Cushion

You already know you should set aside some savings. Here are ways to take action.
Doing Good

Rising Up

Dave's Killer Bread, a Milwaukie, Ore.-based family business, gives ex-cons a second chance.
Editor's Note

Look Into Our Binder

Lead Gen

Keep It Simple (But Not Stupid)

These strategies can demystify your product and help your customers see the light.

Put It All Out There

Taking to social media to address customer service issues is a great opportunity for brands.
All Up In Your Business

Listen and Learn

A flexible response to a customer's needs plants a vineyard's new direction.
Ask a Pro

Mass Appeal

To you get big-box retailers to stock your product, know your competition, hone your pitch and be prepared.
Design It

Knock Out the Knockoffs

There are many ways to fight copycats--and they may even lead to opportunities.

I Like The Way You Move

An app that eases the packing-up process gets some help from the New York City incubator of startup accelerator TechStars.

Jargon: Carbon Bigfoot

A person with absolutely zero regard for his or her carbon footprint; an anti-environmentalist.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

I'd Like to Lodge a Complaint

Hotels that cater to business people would do well to pay heed to these common gripes.
Thought Leaders

Emotional Rescue

The science behind how negative feelings can actually prevent you from thinking clearly and making creative decisions. We speak with Prof. Barbara Fredrickson, who studies how to reframe adversity and be more effective.
Ask the Money Guy

One For the Books

What a chief financial officer does, how to determine your company needs one, and how to start the hiring process.
Who Has VC?

Social Toaster Lands Some Bread

Social Toaster, an online marketing service, snags $2 million by sticking close to home.
College Startup

Cutting the Cords

A young DJ mixes up a wireless sound solution with his startup EarTop.
Startup Finance

Extra Credit

An eBay merchant quadruples his revenue with help from an online microlender.
Ask A Geek

Information You Can Use

Data modeling is the organization of databases into tools that help you use information as effectively and flawlessly as possible. Here's what you need to know to get started.
Shiny Objects

Better Safe Than Sorry

Back up your bytes and supplement your data storage with these hard drives.
The Fix

Security in Numbers

Two small businesses team up to combat fraud.
The Online Trep

Deals on Wheels

ViaCycle set out to design a GPS-enabled, stationless bike-share system.
Website to Watch

Fantasy Sports puts sports junkies in the middle of the action.
Business Unusual

Wearable Wit

Online fashion upstart Betabrand is on a mission to create the world's first truly social clothing company.
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