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Inside the August 2013 Issue


Revenge of the Nerds

Geek rebels Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin parlayed their passion for sci-fi, video games and superheroes into a new media empire for the Internet Age. All hail the Nerdist.

Power Mentors

Power Mentors are super successful people who can offer startups a long-view perspective and wide network of contacts and resources. Here are some tips on how to find them.

The Numbers That Lie

It's known as 'The Stat,' and it's been misleading prospective franchisees for years, indicating wildly high rates of success. Why is it so hard to come up with accurate figures for the survival rate of franchised businesses?

The Bosshole Truth (and nothing but the truth)

Entrepreneur wanted in on the multibillion-dollar mobile gaming business. So we decided to build our own iPhone game and share everything we learned with readers. Here's the painfully true story of Bosshole.

What Is the Office of the Future?

A look at the next wave of open workspaces, where transparency, collaboration and sustainability are coming together to create environments that drive innovation.

The New Hot Spots: Best States

We checked out the data and talked to the experts to find the best states that best cater to small business. Here, our look at the places that are going the distance for 'treps.

The New Hot Spots: Best Cities

We looked at the data and talked to the experts to find the best cities for small business. Here are five emerging entrepreneurial hubs.

Nerds: A User's Guide

Nerds, geeks, eggheads and wonks are an influential audience -- Nerdist's Chris Hardwick offers tips to reach them.


Doing Good
Mike Diamond (aka the Beastie Boys' Mike D), celebrity chef Sam Talbot and designer/hotelier Robert McKinley address the continuing needs of the economically devastated New York beach community by transitioning their Rockaway Plate Lunch Truck from a relief effort into a sustainable business and mentoring program.
Editor's Note
Amy Cosper dishes on August's big stories: the importance of nerds and the creation of Bosshole.
Franchise Ink
Gift Card Monkey sparks a new retail concept -- putting gift cards that would otherwise be forgotten to use for consumers and merchants.
A certain brashness has correlations to success. But how much is too much?
Lead Gen
Help your customers -- and your sales -- by producing meaningful, honest content.
An appearance on the CBS show 'Undercover Boss' gives a Mr. Appliance technician a moment in the spotlight.
The Ethics Coach
Our resident ethics coach tackles your tricky ethical dilemmas, such as is 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' ever an acceptable business practice?
Your Money
You probably didn't launch a business to make less money than you did at your last job. Here's how to answer the tricky question of cutting yourself a paycheck.
You don't have to break the bank to get started in franchising. Check out our list of the top businesses you can launch for less than $50,000.
All Up In Your Business
This Denver-based small shop has weathered tough times by showing their customers that they care.
Ask a Pro
One entrepreneur shares why he's had greater success--and even saved money--since bringing in an in-house hiring professional.
Ask the Esquire Guy
The Esquire guy can't shut the [bleep] up about profanity in the workplace.
Business Unusual
When their border collie had trouble seeing during a game of fetch, Roni and Ken Di Lullo invented Doggles, tinted sport goggles for dogs.
Design It
More commercial spaces are using tablets for everything from digital signage to point-of-sale systems. Here's how to create a great user experience.
The Traveler
Upgrading your overseas flight can be worth it, but if you aren't ready to pony up the money here's how to make your flight time more productive and comfortable.
Being acquired by a bigger company early in your venture's life cycle can be a sweet deal in its own right.
Ask the Money Guy
Many companies are too concerned with costs and operate shortsightedly. But a business who measures growth and progress in years, not months, is a much easier ship to steer.
Who Has VC?
Optimizely found a way to make website optimization easier and everyone from Obama to venture captalists took notice.
College Startup
Michigan State University students created TempoRun, an app that helps users run at their ideal pace by categorizing the music in their libraries from walking to 10 sprinting.
Startup Finance
Practical tips for turning a product idea into a consumer must-have.
Startup Finance
A new financing platform lets aspiring 'treps sell equity in themselves.
Wacky Idea
Custom clothier Tomboy Tailors crafts bespoke menswear -- for women.
Ask A Geek
The cloud has changed the way we do business, but it's not all blue skies. Here are six not so great things about cloud storage.
Shiny Objects
Who says bigger is better? These mini versions of tablets cost less and can fit in one hand.
The Fix
Sift Science is a cloud-based service that tracks consumer e-commerce behavior patterns and assigns every user a "fraud score."
The Online Trep
Call it crowdfunding 2.0. Established companies are using Kickstarter and the like to launch new products, paid for by a built-in customer base before they hit the production line.
Website to Watch
Unpakt takes part of the pain out of moving by allowing customers to compare moving company prices online.
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