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The Best Motivators in Business

We spoke with leaders of eight successful companies to find out their secrets for galvanizing their staffs, clients and even themselves. Get ready to be inspired.

Born or Made?

Two professors argue if the instinct to be your own boss is a product of nature or nurture.

The Turning Point

The stories of entrepreneurs who needed just one big breakthrough, and the four scenarios that got them there.

Comm Vehicles: Mason Arnold of Greenling

A look at three companies who are using their cars to jump start conversation and generate revenue.

Buy, Finance or Lease?

Take the time to consider your particular circumstances before deciding on a payment plan.

Digital Driving

From sites that allow you to negotiate directly with lease owners, to apps that offer real-time reports on traffic, these tools take some of the stress out of driving.

Put Your Biz in Drive

Need to haul a lot of stuff? Drive more than 50 miles a day? Live in a big city? Follow this flow chart to your perfect company car.

Power in Numbers

If your business has as many as 10 vehicles, you've entered fleet-vehicle territory, a place with its own rules--and benefits

5 Tips for Your First Fleet Purchase

What to consider when buying a fleet.

The Scoop

Swamping journalists with an endless stream of press releases won't get you the coverage you want. Instead, get creative to get our attention.

Pitch Perfect

So you want media coverage? Join the club. Here's how to stand out from the crowd.

Once Upon a Time...

Three companies demonstrate how they use storytelling to get their message across.

Homeward Rebound

The subprime mortgage crisis wreaked havoc on the U.S. housing market, but several franchises that operate in the sector managed to weather the storm.

Best in Class

The Princeton Review ranks the top graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in the U.S.


Choose Your Own Motivational Speech

Select from the following answers for a rallying cry you can apply to any business challenge.

A Question of DNA

Do you choose entrepreneurship or does it choose you?
Business Unusual

Junk, Cleaned Up

Unreal Candy's natural treats are a fast-growing success.

Color Wheels

Big Shot Bike company allows customers to design their dream ride on an iPad-friendly interface.

Plain and Simple

With its emphasis on white space, bold buttons and clear typography, flat design has the potential to let products shine.

Responsive Identity

The American Art museum gets a wow-worthy new responsive-design logo. Here's how it works.

Style To Go

Crowdstar's new Covet Fashion app lets fashionistas style a digital mannequin by mixing and matching real-world garments and accessories -- all from their phones.

Stress: Your Own Worst Enemy

The biggest hazard to your business may be the one you can't see: chronic stress.

Cabin Fever

From in-flight showers, to airport spas and hair salons, airlines' premium classes are exploding with perks. Meanwhile in economy, space is getting even tighter.

Fly Right

Tips for making your trip more convenient and comfortable.

The Real Meal

Anthony Ackil, co-founder of the farm-to-table fast food company, tells us why local fast food needn't be an oxymoron.

Launching Careers

Shu-ling Garver started Engineering for Kids, a program that teaches the basics of engineering and design to kids.
Franchise Listing

The Leading Edge

Franchisors are innovating in big ways
Ask the Money Guy

Business is Booming. So Why Don't I Have Any Cash?

Income on the books but no cash in the bank? Here's how to avoid a cash crunch.
Startup Finance

Kick the Kickstarter Habit

A DIY crowdfunding app cuts out the middleman.
VC Viewpoint

Naughty, Naughty

Don't over-think it: Embrace your inner 5-year-old and go with your gut.
Your Money

It's Nothing Personal

Mixing business expenses with your personal life can get messy fast.
Q and A

Profiles in Professionalism

Branding guru Jason Seiden pushes for social media with a work-life blend.
Wacky Idea

Walking on Air

Alaskan entrepreneur Rick Stafford's latest invention are a lifesaving idea.
Who Has VC?

Presentations Made Easy

Adam Tatt and Kevin Leneway wanted to put together a slick presentation without a design staff, so they invented an iPad app to do it for them.


Low-cost, online-based companies like TaskRabbit and Fancy Hands reimagine short-term help.

Take It to the Top

The app OwnerLists establishes a direct line of communication between business owners and their customers, allowing them to respond directly to negative reviews.
Ask A Geek

Conversion Therapy

What's the most important website metric for my business?
Mobile Tech

The Money Shot

Start-up Magisto makes video editing a cinch.
Shiny Objects

The Transformers

Laptops-turned-tablets make the most of Windows 8
The Fix

Getting to Know You

A marketing shop gleans powerful insights on visitors to clients' sites, filling in the details where Google Analytics leaves off.

Friend, Follow, Like, Buy

How to get customers to go from 'Friending' to Spending.
Ask a Pro

We Good?

Asking 'power questions' will improve your client relationships.

But We Shook On It!

Digging into the nuances of verbal agreements, the scary side of ghosting and working for the competition.

And ... Action!

Short-form social videos can turn your cinematic dreams into marketing gold.
Franchise Listing

Active Duty

Around 64,000 veterans started careers in franchising in recent years. That's due in no small part to franchisors ramping up their efforts to recruit veterans, who many consider ideal franchisees thanks to their training and experience working within a disciplined system.
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