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Inside the November 2013 Issue


Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

We're all in this together: Take a look at our exclusive list of 100 companies that are crowdfunding success stories.

The People Have Spoken

An inside look at how these entrepreneurs got the crowd to fund their businesses to the tune of some big bucks.

Off the Streets & Into Business

Homeboy Industries' mission is to create jobs for former L.A. gang members. Now with a forward-thinking CEO and high-profile licensing and distribution deals, Homeboy is taking good works to an even greater business level.

Market Value

The non-profit which employs former gang members is now selling a selection of food products at Ralphs and Food 4 Less chains.

Agent Provocateur

Rude, crude, sexist and often mean-spirited, David Portnoy's Barstool Sports has become a go-to for young men. But can Portnoy continue to cash in on controversy?

Have You Reached Your Pivot Point?

Few startup ideas are perfect; that's why it's important to recognize when you need a course correction in your idea, pitch, product or execution.

The Casual Chef

A number of top culinary minds are aiming to expand their reach with franchised fast-casual restaurants that serve up high-quality, reasonably priced meals.

10 of the Most Innovative and Bizarre of the Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

There are plenty of intriguing companies on our Top 100 list, but from glowing plants to a life-sized origami boat, here's a look about some of the most bizarre.


Business Unusual
Good, Clean Fun
Dirty Girl races run up big bucks
Refinery29 had become cluttered and difficult to navigate. Enter Wolff Olins, the global brand consultancy that redesigned the site to create a clean but playful user experience.
The Los Angeles branding firm Ferroconcrete designed a clean but bold reusable pouch for Kusin & Kusin's odor eliminating pet wipes.
From a stapler to a slingshot, these four office items have been deemed essential.
A sweet internship with Kona Ice helped Derek Taylor open his very own franchise.
9Round kicks up circuit fitness training with boxing and kickboxing inspired workouts.
Ask the Money Guy
The biggest culprit is an owner who's demanding more from his or her accountant team than those people are qualified to handle.
Early iterations of now famous tech startups are almost unrecognizable.
Wacky Idea
Inspired by QR-code technology, Juan Murdoch created cotton pajamas printed with a series of dots; when scanned with a smartphone, each dot launches one of 47 narrated bedtime stories,
Who Has VC?
After a false start, Lindsay Gaskin tweaked her business model and gained the attention of major investors.
On, buyers post a photo or a description of what they want and craftspeople bid on the project.
Ask A Geek
Software and platforms make it cheap and easy for your business to address everything from marketing, to brand management to human resources.
Mobile Tech
The Mosaic app allows users to sync multiple iPhones or iPads to create one giant screen on which to share files or view photos and video.
Mobile Tech
Fliike can be placed on store counters or in cafe windows where observers can watch the business's reputation ratchet up via the old-school, analog flip display.
The Fix
After a mediocre experience with Craiglist, a French-Californian restaurant posts an ad on PoachedJobs (a job site for food and beverage industries) and achieves stellar results.
Ask Esquire
Before you freak out, calm down and ask yourself a few questions.
Business Unusual
Founded by former Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Chris McIntosh, Dirty Girl obstacle-course events are running up big bucks.
Headspace,a guided-meditation platform, allows the busy entrepreneur to destress, reduce anxiety and refocus -- all in ten minutes.
Eyeing an overseas career move or considering an exotic retirement? Choose your new homeland wisely.
Save money and time -- early-morning flights have their advantages.
Whether you're a dead-to-the-world sleeper or just prefer to start your mornings with an innovative twist, these third-party smartphone alarm apps will get you going.
Dispop sources click-worthy banner-ad proposals from a network of designers.
Four tips for successfully blending the personal with the professional on social networks.
Ask a Pro
"Follow the passion; don't follow the dollar," says CEO Harry Herington.
How to run a business during a state of emergency.
Over the past few years, social platforms have blossomed into a marketing playground and proved that communities have power.
Shiny Objects
All-seeing eye
Protect your business with an advanced security camera
The Online Trep
Fanatic connects geographically dispersed die-hards of college and pro sports teams.
VC Viewpoint
Ideas are really the easy part of a startup; what VC's are increasingly looking for is the ability to execute.
Startup Finance
4 things to consider before asking mom and dad for money.
Your Money
Sometimes debt can give you a financial edge -- but you need to use it wisely.
Q and A
Q&A with Corey Ford, the managing partner of an accelerator that urges startups to rethink journalism.
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