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Trends 2014: The Sweet Spot

Cookbooks' resurgence in popularity reflects a broadening of our food culture, spurred by the rise of food TV.

The Suite Life

The Sunset Marquis isn't just a place where entertainment icons stay and play--it's a Hollywood legend in its own right. Here's your all-access pass.

How the Great Ones Got Great

Great people, no matter their field, have similar habits. Learn them and then use them in your own quest to greatness.

Success With Help

If you want to be successful start by learning from those who already are.

Think Small

Keeping a tight rein on expansion may actually be good for your company.

Big Ideas

We track the major trends in franchising

Trends 2014: The Incredible Shrinking Content

Increasingly, brands are marketing themselves via short-form social media.

Trends 2014: Self-starters

No idea, no problem. Platforms like Upstart and Pave allow entrepreneurs to crowdfund from accredited investors in exchange for a small cut of their future incomes.

Trends 2014: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Unemployed and living with their parents, Millennials can't get no satisfaction.

Trends 2014: Looking South

With global events, a rising middle class and major investment opportunities, all eyes are on Brazil.

Trends 2014: How the West was Worn

Country music's crossover appeal is spurring interest in western apparel.

Trends 2014: Keep it Coming

Companies like Birchbox and Bitters + Bottles illustrate the benefits of subscription services: recurring revenue and deep customer relationships.

Trends 2014: Rise of the Mockbuster

Artistically bankrupt, low-budget films like Sharknado are big business.

Trends 2014: In Fine Spirits

First came the craft brewing trend, and now craft distilleries are churning out premium hooch.

Trends 2014: Risky Business

More work environments are adopting "bring you own device" policies but it's raising malware concerns.


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The Year in Culture

Business Unusual

The Backdrop Shop

When it comes to theatrical materials, one company is center stage.

Self-promotion That Keeps on Giving

Sure, your client might like that holiday bottle of wine or basket of cookies, but what do gifts like that say about your creativity? Take a tip from these design firms, who've dreamed up client gifts that get attention, inspire interactivity and promote their own unique identity.

Party On

'Tis the season for excess

Get Moving Infographic


Inner Turbulence

Don't let fear of flying get in the way of your business

New Flavor

A Bruster's store gets a prizewinning makeover.

Yes, Soup for You!

The Original SoupMan has finally hit its stride.
Ask the Money Guy

Q & A

I'm going to sell my business and retire. Anything I should know?
Startup Finance

Fools Rush In

Instead of seeking financing, Ryan Smith spent four years bootstrapping to get his company off the ground. Here's why.
VC Viewpoint

A Seed Doesn't Make a Series

Seed funding often gives a company more opportunities to fail, not succeed.
Your Money

The Mental Game

Consider this list a mental reset button on your financial psyche.
Q and A

Prefab Homes are Seeing Green

Customizable, sustainable residences get big funding
Q and A

Farm Hand

Ag-entrepreneurs get some
Wacky Idea

Shocking Development

A stun-gun phone case is on-call self-defense
Ask A Geek

Cloud Formations

What's the difference between co-location and public and private cloud services?
Mobile Tech

Texting in Tune

The Rithm app adds a song to that message
Mobile Tech


Chirpify turns the hashtag into a cash machine
The Fix

Play for Profits

The term may get a bad rap, but stoking employees' competitive fire helped this company dramatically increase its sales.
Website to Watch

A Fully Baked Idea

Food52 is both a curated cooking site and an online shop for kitchen and home goods.
Ask a Pro

Get It Out In the Open

How do I quell workplace rumors--and employees' fears--about my company's health?

Protect Yourself

The Ethics Coach dips into the secret sauce, Facebook rights and temp time
Lead Gen

The Mommy Market

A look at inspiring Mompreneurs and their homegrown businesses.
Lead Gen

Creating a Concise Message for Your Business

Kevin Trosian, founder of Tower 12 Strategy Consulting, talks about the importance of "White Papers" and when and how an entrepreneur should pursue investors.

Get Moving

Inactive and unhealthy employees can zap your business's productivity

Just Scroll With It

Parallax movement highlights a site's key elements
Esquire Guy

Jerk-study Program

The Esquire Guy helps you deal with people you just ... can't ... stand

Funny Business

Follow these tips and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.
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