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Humility: An Undervalued But Crucial Business Asset
When does confidence cross over into arrogance? Consider these three tips to avoid sabotaging your success.

Self-Assessment Articles and Videos

Is Starting a Homebased Business For You?

How you can use existing skills to start your own homebased business.
March 1, 2006 in Self-Assessment

Get a Grip!

5 tips to make your homebased startup journey a smooth one
May 1, 2005 in Self-Assessment

Home Court Advantage

Starting from home was the right move for our 7 homebased young millionaires. Now they're netting sales in the millions, all before turning 40.
May 1, 2005 in Self-Assessment

31 Tips for Conquering Startup Fears

What's really holding you back from starting your own business? These 31 tips will help you face your fears and finally get the guts to become your own boss.
April 1, 2005 in Self-Assessment

Do It Yourself

You may have to wear many hats as a homebased entrepreneur, but they don't have to weigh you down.
October 1, 2003 in Self-Assessment

Why Age Doesn't Matter

If you're a true entrepreneur, you'll make your idea work, no matter how young you are.
July 7, 2003 in Self-Assessment

Basic Training

Got what it takes to get through entrepreneurial "boot camp"? We'll give you some tips for toughing out your first year in business.
June 1, 2003 in Self-Assessment

The Dark Side

Prepare yourself for being homebased by understanding the downside.
June 1, 2003 in Self-Assessment

Don't Let Rejection Get You Down

Feeling like you've heard "no" more times than you can count? Look for ways around age discrimination, however, and maybe you can start a revolution.
April 14, 2003 in Self-Assessment

Starting a Homebased Business Legally

Before you set up shop, make sure you've got all your legal bases covered.
January 13, 2003 in Self-Assessment

Homebased Startup Checklist

The devil is in the details--we've created this checklist so you don't forget anything crucial when starting your new business.
November 1, 2002 in Self-Assessment

Your Top Start-Up Questions Answered

You've got questions. We've got answers. What could be more divine?
July 1, 2002 in Self-Assessment

Oh, Give Me a Home

Roll up your sleeves and get your homebased biz off the ground with these 21 tips.
October 1, 2000 in Self-Assessment

Finding Your Niche

Here are a few tips on how to find that homebased opportunity you're looking for.
April 28, 2000 in Self-Assessment
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