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A formal dispute resolution process that's legally binding on the parties Read More »
A person who's been formally trained in the law, especially one whose profession is advising others in matters of law... Read More »
Business License
A legal document that grants you the right to operate a business in your city... Read More »
Business Name
The name by which people know your business. Different from your dba--which is the legal name you register for your business... Read More »
Business Permits
A legal document that offers proof of compliance with certain city or state laws regulating structural appearances and safety... Read More »
Exclusive legal rights that protect works of authorship, composition or artistry... Read More »
A form of business operation that declares the business as a separate, legal entity... Read More »
Doing Business As (DBA)
The operating name of a company, as opposed to the legal name of the company... Read More »
Discrimination Policy
A document that outlines your company policies in regards to discrimination in hiring and management practices... Read More »
Intellectual Property
The ownership of ideas. Intellectual property is a collection of ideas and concepts... Read More »
Anything for which a company is legally bound or obligated, as to make good any loss or damage that occurs in a transaction... Read More »
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
A form of business organization with the liability-shield advantages of a corporation and the flexibility and tax pass-through advantages of a partnership... Read More »
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
A business organization that allows limited partners to enjoy limited personal liability while general partners have unlimited personal liability... Read More »
Noncompete Clause
Contracts between you and your employees in which your employees promise not to take what they learn while working for you and use it against... Read More »
Nonprofit Corporation
A business organization that serves some public purpose and therefore enjoys special treatment under the law. .. Read More »
A legal form of business operation between two or more individuals who share management and profits... Read More »
A form of protection that provides a person or legal entity with exclusive rights for making, using or selling a concept or invention and excludes others from doing the same for the duration of the patent... Read More »
S Corporation
A special form of corporation that allows the protection of limited liability but direct flow-through of profits and losses... Read More »
Sole Proprietorship
A business that legally has no separate existence from its owner... Read More »
Any symbol, word or combination thereof used to represent or identify a product. A service mark means the same thing, but identifies a service... Read More »
The division of a city or county by legislative regulations into areas (zones), specifying the uses allowable for the property in these areas... Read More »
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