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The Brilliant 100

Here are the companies that represent the problem-solving, void-filling, consumer-driven landscape of entrepreneurship today.

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Created by IPsoft, the virtual agent avatar can absorb in seconds the same instruction manuals that human employees spend weeks memorizing.

Put Them to Work

Make these apps work for you, in areas like travel, money, communications and more.

Speak Easy

The days of talking to all of your devices are closer than you think.

That Something Extra

AnyPerk aims to 'enable happiness' through a variety of incentives.

Community Chest

Check out what's taking crowdfunding to a new level.

Great Idea! Now What?

If you have a product idea, but lack the skills to execute it, Assembly can help.

Design With Reach

The frogImpact program creates design-centric solutions for issues in health care, disaster relief and more.

Independent Living

A TV-based caregiving platform keeps the elderly in touch

Clothes Conscious

Nothing hip and sexy about sustainable and recycled fabrics? Guess again.

Keeping Pace with Food Waste

A pair of seasoned tech workers are helping to solve a $165 billion problem.

Game Changer

Bigger, stronger, faster: FanDuel is fantasy sports on steroids.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A startup goes the extra mile to help travelers in Europe plan routes.

The Entrepreneur Abroad

Starting a business overseas may seem daunting, but the rewards can be great. Here's what you need to know to find success as an entrepreneurial expat.

Power In Numbers

Once in the minority, multi-unit franchisees control more than 75 percent of franchised restaurants.


Editors Note

The Creative Brief

Looking for opportunity? Check to see where the stagnant reside.
Business Unusual

When Zero Adds Up

Coke and Pepsi, look out. Zevia has its eye on you.

Travels With Twitter

As travelers turn to Twitter to complain about airline snafus and hotel hiccups, businesses are staffing up their social media teams.

Bedtime Story

Casper is putting bad customer experiences and outdated models and materials to rest.
Esquire Guy

Allow Me To Give You A Bit Of Advice

The lowdown on helping with other people's problems.

New Ways to Connect

A look at the latest tools for your marketing kit.
Ask a Pro

Heads Up

A brief three-rule guide to determine if you're the right person to steer your company.

Stepping Outside the Company Walls

The good, the bad and the bottom line of community involvement.
Ask A Geek

Repeat Performance

Here's what you need to know about starting a loyalty program that keeps customers coming back.

The New Safety Dance

Duo Security's two-step works with one push of a button.
Online Trep

Instant Gratification

When it comes to tracking your food from the restaurant to your door, Bringg delivers.
The Fix

Forms That Function

Form builders can be powerful small-business tools.
Ask the Money Guy

Best-Laid Plans

Find out how to learn from your mistakes and what your next steps are.
VC Viewpoint

Ideal Conditions

Pitching to a venture capitalist? Be ready to answer questions about these three topics.
Your Money

Advantage: Your Business

One business owner's tax strategy is paying off.
Startup Finance

The Art of Money

The new bank and app are proving that artistry and finance are not mutually exclusive.
Wacky Idea

Tending Machines

The future is now.
Who Has VC

HR Made Easier

GuideSpark, a video platform for employees, has sparked investor interest.
Q and A

Straight to Their Hands

Luxury handbag maker Dagne Dover has seen more than $1 million in direct-to-consumer sales through its online store.

Tressed for Success

Blo, an international franchise, attracted the attention of Gwyneth Paltrow and others.

Rising From the Ashes

While his employees performed community services, the restaurant owner performed a charitable act of his own.
Franchise Listing

The Tastemakers

Feeling hungry? Sink your teeth into these food companies that ranked in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500.

Tropical Test Kitchen

Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisee Brad Shellen proves that, in franchising, creativity counts.
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To Do or Not To Do

The words we use to describe the work we do should connote both promise and obligation.
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