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The Best in Business Travel

The people, companies and locations that are improving the way we get around and our experience once we get there.
Infectious Behavior
Any company can create word-of-mouth ad -- all it takes is a clever idea and skillful execution.
Good to Grow
From having the cash to meeting established goals, look for these indicators before you leap.
The Mechanics of Sharing
Jonah Berger, a marketing professor a the Wharton School of Business, has identified six key drivers of virality.
Prognosis: Uncertain
As delays continue to plague Obamacare, entrepreneurs are left with a mixed bag of consequences for their businesses.

The Secrets of the Top Brands

We present the companies that have generated the most trust among entrepreneurs as well as the lessons you can take from them.
That's Gotta Hurt
Do yourself a favor and avoid these costly pitfalls.
It Takes a Village
The aid community is taking the efficiency and standardization of the franchise model any applying it toward philanthropic endeavors.
The Television Will be Revolutionized
Aereo, which snatches over-the-air TV signals and streams them on the internet for a few dollars a month, is determined to prevail over the TV networks trying to bring it down.
How Apple Ruined Branding
By throwing out the approved checklist, Jobs got customers to meaningfully connect with the Apple brand.
Logos We Love
Brand identity in its purest form.
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10 Up and Coming Leaders

You may not know their names yet, but you will.
How to Improve Your Leadership Skills
From encouraging dissenting voices to showing compassion, here are tips for leading with purpose and poise.
Value Lessons
Breaking down the value of good leadership into dollars and sense.
The Enemy Within
Overlords of their own fiefdoms and overseers of inflated budgets and staffs, these type of managers can kill your company. Here's what every leader needs to know to take down the takeover artists.
Your Brain on Power
There's evidence that power actually changes the way the brain sees others, decreasing recognition of others' concerns.
You Win Some, You Lose Some
Are champions born or are they made?
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Digital Disruption

These six innovators are applying their technological chops to revolutionize areas such as fashion design and pharmaceuticals.
Mobile Insecurity
With business continuing its shift from the desktop to smartphones and tablets, more than half of all companies now have sensitive information stored on mobile devices.
Good Vibes
The road to excellence begins with defining and embracing a positive, effective company culture.
Rules of the Trade
The exchange of goods and services rather than money is alive and thriving in today's startup economy. Here's how to get in on the action.
Urban Developments
Urban locations present unique challenges: higher taxes, complicated real estate, lifestyle differences. But it's true what they say about big-city success: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
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Women to Watch 2014

These seven innovators are having a major influence on technology, healthcare and the government. We've got our eye on these powerful women. You should, too.
Do You Have What it Takes?
Entrepreneurs are a diverse bunch. The best ones, however, share a collection of characteristics -- from tenacity to the ability to tolerate risk -- that are crucial to any successful venture.
What to Delegate
While multitasking may be necessary in the early days of a startup, it's important to recognize when it's time to hand off nonessential tasks.
Making It Big
From thousands of entries we selected 15 finalists. then readers voted on their favorites. We hope you're as inspired by them as we are!
Franchise 500 On the Upswing
The sector created an estimated 11,000 new establishments and 150,000-plus jobs in 2013, outpacing the overall U.S. economy in business formation and job growth.
The Big League
The companies in our Franchise 500 are showing dramatic gains. Here are the sectors that are leading the charge.
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Trends 2014: The Sweet Spot

Cookbooks' resurgence in popularity reflects a broadening of our food culture, spurred by the rise of food TV.
The Suite Life
The Sunset Marquis isn't just a place where entertainment icons stay and play--it's a Hollywood legend in its own right. Here's your all-access pass.
How the Great Ones Got Great
Great people, no matter their field, have similar habits. Learn them and then use them in your own quest to greatness.
Success With Help
If you want to be successful start by learning from those who already are.
What's a Hero?
Think Small
Keeping a tight rein on expansion may actually be good for your company.
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Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies

We're all in this together: Take a look at our exclusive list of 100 companies that are crowdfunding success stories.
The People Have Spoken
An inside look at how these entrepreneurs got the crowd to fund their businesses to the tune of some big bucks.
Off the Streets & Into Business
Homeboy Industries' mission is to create jobs for former L.A. gang members. Now with a forward-thinking CEO and high-profile licensing and distribution deals, Homeboy is taking good works to an even greater business level.
Market Value
The non-profit which employs former gang members is now selling a selection of food products at Ralphs and Food 4 Less chains.
Agent Provocateur
Rude, crude, sexist and often mean-spirited, David Portnoy's Barstool Sports has become a go-to for young men. But can Portnoy continue to cash in on controversy?
Have You Reached Your Pivot Point?
Few startup ideas are perfect; that's why it's important to recognize when you need a course correction in your idea, pitch, product or execution.
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The Best Motivators in Business

We spoke with leaders of eight successful companies to find out their secrets for galvanizing their staffs, clients and even themselves. Get ready to be inspired.
Born or Made?
Two professors argue if the instinct to be your own boss is a product of nature or nurture.
The Turning Point
The stories of entrepreneurs who needed just one big breakthrough, and the four scenarios that got them there.
Comm Vehicles: Mason Arnold of Greenling
A look at three companies who are using their cars to jump start conversation and generate revenue.
Buy, Finance or Lease?
Take the time to consider your particular circumstances before deciding on a payment plan.
Digital Driving
From sites that allow you to negotiate directly with lease owners, to apps that offer real-time reports on traffic, these tools take some of the stress out of driving.
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Next-gen Nightlife

The Melman siblings opened several bars and restaurants to revitalize their father's 42-year-old hospitality company Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises to appeal to younger clientele.
Local Hero
Darian Shirazi turned down a $35 million acquisition offer from Google, and leveraged his massive local database to provide real-time information for sales teams targeting the U.S. small-business market.
Beautiful Minds
The innovative cosmetic e-commence site, Birchbox is many things. For consumers, it's a chance to sample new products for a small fee and to replenish products they already enjoy, and for the founders, it's a platform that connects consumers and brands.
Video Star
Virool gives businesses a self-serve, social video advertising platform to help get the kind of exposure that only a viral hit can bring.
Healing and Dealing
Shradha Agarwal and Rishi Shah saw an untapped opportunity to bring video segments with tips on diet and exercise to patients in doctor office waiting rooms.
How to Innovate in E-commerce
Zappos Labs brings startup spirit to an online powerhouse.
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Revenge of the Nerds

Geek rebels Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin parlayed their passion for sci-fi, video games and superheroes into a new media empire for the Internet Age. All hail the Nerdist.
Power Mentors
Power Mentors are super successful people who can offer startups a long-view perspective and wide network of contacts and resources. Here are some tips on how to find them.
The Numbers That Lie
It's known as 'The Stat,' and it's been misleading prospective franchisees for years, indicating wildly high rates of success. Why is it so hard to come up with accurate figures for the survival rate of franchised businesses?
The Bosshole Truth (and nothing but the truth)
Entrepreneur wanted in on the multibillion-dollar mobile gaming business. So we decided to build our own iPhone game and share everything we learned with readers. Here's the painfully true story of Bosshole.
What Is the Office of the Future?
A look at the next wave of open workspaces, where transparency, collaboration and sustainability are coming together to create environments that drive innovation.
The New Hot Spots: Best States
We checked out the data and talked to the experts to find the best states that best cater to small business. Here, our look at the places that are going the distance for 'treps.
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This One's on Us

From old-school to trendy and everything in between, here are the best bars for business in some of the best U.S. cities for 'treps.
Sound With Style
Frends has transformed a way to listen to music into a must-have women's fashion accessory.
Say Hi Via Wi-fi
Republic Wireless is a $19-per-month voice, text and data service that relies on Wi-Fi as its primary network.
Reward Programs
HitBliss, an online streaming site, allows users to pay for movies and TV shows with cash earned from watching ads.
Power Play
Julie Uhrman has created Ouya, an affordable, open-source console that can access a robust online gaming library.
The Revolution Will be Texted
Celly builds mobile social networks that can be accessed by any cell phone, unlocking possibilities for group communication during social and political protests.
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Entrepreneur's 100 Brilliant Companies -- 2013

Companies that are identifying and solving the problems we face every day.
Green Machine
Automated kiosks that buy back used electronics aim to ease the electronic waste burden and put cash in consumers' pockets.
This Note Will Self-destruct ...
Wickr gives users the ability to send self-destructing files securely and anonymously.
The Big Build
Smaller, less expensive 3-D printers are unlocking the ability for more people to be part of the maker movement.
Where To?
No more waiting for a ride. Hailo aims to connect passengers and taxis within two minutes in cities all over the world.
Animal Farming, Minus the Farm
Modern Meadow aims to combine 3-D printing and tissue engineering to meet the world's demand for beef and leather.
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