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Creative Genius

The pros share what works for them. Read and learn.

Digital Starpower

TheAudience is connecting brands and customers across social media platforms via influencers.

What Makes a Great Brand

With 162 years under its belt, the denim company knows a thing or two about great branding.

The Tales We Tell

These innovators are connecting with consumers, colleagues and investors on an emotional level.

A Visual Purpose

These organizations have used design to create truly robust brands.

Advantage: Early Adopters

If franchises aren't stepping up their tech game, they're missing out.
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A Winning Personality

Ambiverts are individuals with characteristics of both introverts and extroverts. Could this balance equip them to be superior business leaders?

The Rise of the Beta Chief

One expert proposes that the most effective leaders demonstrate authority through collaboration.

Generation Gaps

The 'Just do what I say' approach might not work.

5 Tips for Leading the New Generation

Take these steps to connect with the newest generation in the workforce.

Decisions, Decisions

The real leaders are those who take action.

Get Ready to Wow 'Em

Whether you're looking for partners, investors or guidance, you need to be able to communicate a succinct summary of your startup's value.
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Genius Lessons

Find out what makes these gurus tick.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Hackers and cyber thieves are attacking small businesses with alarming frequency. Find out how to stay safe.

Accentuate the Negative

Despite what we're often told, positive thinking may not be conducive to meeting one's goals. In fact, you're probably better off visualizing obstacles.

Skin in the Game

These four steps will help you turn employees into engaged, invested coworkers.

Miracle Grows

Smart investments in management and a focus on quality franchisees have enabled a number of recent franchises to launch and expand at record speed. Here's a look at a few newbies who hit the ground running.

An Artful Expansion

With three studios open and thriving, this paint-and-sip franchise's future looks picture perfect.
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Best of the Best

These entrepreneurs are the best of the best.

Entrepreneur Media to Launch Index of Best U.S. Companies

The Entrepreneur 360 Performance Index takes a holistic approach to ranking companies and quantifying qualitative aspects of business.

20/20 Visions

The years until 2020 are poised to redefine almost every facet of how we work, from the way we run customer service to the way we build our businesses.

What’s Mine is Yours

Here are five factors to consider when starting a Airbnb-type platform.

Growth Patterns

The companies on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list are showing big gains. These are the sectors that are taking the lead.

A Comfortable Lead

This international hotel franchise is on a tear.
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The Entrepreneurs Who Defined 2014

Read about the business leaders who dominated headlines in 2014 and set the stage for the year ahead -- for better or for worse.

The Sharing Economy 2.0

With successes such as Uber and Airbnb, peer-to-peer businesses are here to stay.

Role Of The Dice

Board games, role-playing games and other offline diversions are having a renaissance.

The Video Bull’s-Eye

Video is now a vital market tool. Here's how entrepreneurs can take advantage.

Function, Meet Form

Wearable tech is getting a high-design makeover.

Show Her The Money

How companies are pushing to close the gender financing gap.
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Are We On To Something?

How to judge if you're on to something big.

Chow Bella

The New York City store is now a full-fledged tourist attraction, and the rest of the world is in the company's sights.

Local Options

The New York City-based Italian megastore has developed strong relationships with local small businesses.

Problem Solved

A variety of businesses, from retail to service industries, are organizing internal events using the creative talents of their own employees to solve, or hack, problems.

Dream Factory

Rooster Teeth Productions is the innovative company behind the internationally popular online animation videos you haven't heard of...yet.

Your Good Name's At Stake

For the franchise world—in which one negative comment can affect an entire system of corporate owners and franchisees—managing your reputation is especially critical.
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All Systems Go

Richard Branson and other adventurers take on the final frontier.

The Information Super Highway

A glance at UPS shows how they do it better than anyone, and how you can streamline the operation of your own company vehicles.

See It Coming

From monitoring driver behavior to checking vehicle wear, here's how telematics software can help manage your company's fleet.

Where The Hell Am I?

It can track vehicle location, real-time movement and driver performance, dramatically increasing efficiency.

Peace Of Mind

We correct some of the most common misconceptions.

The Refueling Principle

It's not about how many brute hours you rack up -- it's about how effective you are at replenishing mental resources.
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Just My Type

With his startup SwiftKey, Jon Reynolds is breathing new life into the act of typing on a keyboard.

How Sweet It Is

Because grown-ups need the occasional sugar fix, too.

When Worlds Collide

Where the gap between the digital and the real starts to blur.

Virtue and Vice

For better returns, should you invest in businesses engaged in social responsibility, or those on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Pay Attention!

Interruptions are the enemy of productivity.

The Booth & Beyond

Do it right, and a trade show can lead to more funding, new customers and lots of buzz.
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Do You Have What It Takes?

Do the following traits, characteristics and quirks describe you?

Mistakes Were Made

What went wrong, and can they survive?

Better Business By Design

Yves Béhar's award-winning design studio Fuseproject creates groundbreaking products and brand identities for some of the world's most influential companies.

Workers First

The newest trends in workplace design highlight employee choice, wellness, lifestyle amenities and opportunities for mentorship.
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Collective Wisdom

We called on leading entrepreneurs to share the most valuable piece of advice they've received.

Paper Chase

How serial entrepreneur Mike McCue successfully positioned Flipboard at the forefront of a new era of digital media.

The Bar's Open

We visited three new bars--a cocktail lounge, a low-key neighborhood spot and an urban distillery--run by people who know exactly what it takes to open a joint and keep it running.

Rants and Raves

A review site is a great way for your business to get discovered online, but it can also bring inaccurate criticism.

Advantage: Early Adopters

A 'don't-rock-the-boat' strategy is no longer an acceptable option.
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100 Brilliant Companies

Each year we pick the ideas, companies, applications and inventions that have amazed us with their unique solutions to common problems or marketplace voids, executed in forms both ultra-high-tech and strikingly simple.

Man of the House

Former Apple exec Matt Rogers co-founded Nest, a smart-home product company that went from a garage startup to a $3.2 billion business.

The Road to Newness

We asked some of the leading idea people in business to define how new products, technologies and commodities come into being.

8 Ways to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

It seems like everyone and their mother has a Kickstarter campaign. Here's how to get yours noticed.

The Big Leap

Several owners who made the shift discuss their decision-making process, what they learned and how they do things differently.

More Is More

He started his life in franchising at age 14, mopping floors at a Burger King. Today, Aziz Hashim owns 35 franchises and employs 700 people.
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The Best in Business Travel

The people, companies and locations that are improving the way we get around and our experience once we get there.

Infectious Behavior

Any company can create word-of-mouth ad -- all it takes is a clever idea and skillful execution.

Good to Grow

From having the cash to meeting established goals, look for these indicators before you leap.

The Mechanics of Sharing

Jonah Berger, a marketing professor a the Wharton School of Business, has identified six key drivers of virality.

Prognosis: Uncertain

As delays continue to plague Obamacare, entrepreneurs are left with a mixed bag of consequences for their businesses.
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