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Sujan Patel

You'll Never Hear Successful People Say These 15 Phrases

Entrepreneur and Marketer, VP of Marketing at When I Work
Arman Assadi

How Burning Bridges Can Lead to Success

Chief Solopreneur at, Writer
Matthew Toren

Start a Business on a Bare-Bones Budget With These 3 Lean Tips

Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and co-founder of





How Old Is Too Old to Start a Business? The Answer May Surprise You. (Infographic)

Martha Stewart didn’t do any home decorating until she was 35. And Charles Flint started IBM at 61.
Catherine Clifford
Success Strategies

How Burning Bridges Can Lead to Success

A former Googler explains how he created a mission and brand around his # 1 value: a freedom lifestyle.
Arman Assadi
Hiring Employees

Employers Are Demanding Hard Skills Over Soft Skills, and How Millennials Can Help

In order to fill their job openings, HR managers are prioritizing hard skills, a new study says. Here’s how millennials can fill the gap.
Dan Schawbel

BlackBerry CEO: Don't Be Tempted By Trendy, Popular Phones. Buy Ours Instead.

The struggling phone maker is setting up for the 'Classic,' a throwback to the BlackBerrys of yore.
Jason Fell

Kim Kardashian Apparently Wants to Buy BlackBerry, and Thinks Twitter Is the New Google

The reality star professed her love for the BlackBerry Bold and her disdain for wearable tech. 'It's just not for me,' she says.
Geoff Weiss
Starting a Business

5 Potentially Dangerous Decisions to Avoid When Starting a Business

Steer clear of these minefields in laying the foundation for your newly launched firm.
Robert Tuchman
Shark Tank

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Make a Hilarious Shark Tank Pitch for 'Horse Pants'

'I got two words for ya buddy,' quipped Mark Cuban of the strange clothing range: 'glue factory.'
Geoff Weiss
Starting a Business

Start a Business on a Bare-Bones Budget With These 3 Lean Tips

Follow this advice to maximize your budget and stretch your bottom line.
Matthew Toren

Key to Career Success? Finding the Right Spouse.

Finding a conscientious partner in life makes the difference between career stress and career success, a study finds.
Lisa Evans
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