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Sujan Patel

You'll Never Hear Successful People Say These 15 Phrases

Entrepreneur and Marketer, VP of Marketing at When I Work
Diana Kander

5 Ways to Get Your First Customer

Senior Fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Dorie Clark

4 Tricks to Remaining Upbeat When Times Are Tough

Speaker, Marketing Strategist, Professor
Steve Tobak

How to Be Happy. (Really.)

Managing Partner, Invisor Consulting




Success Strategies

You'll Never Hear Successful People Say These 15 Phrases

To get to where you want to be, the best and easiest thing to do is to simply follow the examples that others set for you.
Sujan Patel
Starting a Business

5 Potentially Dangerous Decisions to Avoid When Starting a Business

Steer clear of these minefields in laying the foundation for your newly launched firm.
Robert Tuchman

Tim Cook Is Gay. But As Apple's CEO, That Isn't His Biggest Revelation.

Cook knows his responsibilities as CEO of Apple. He proved that in his coming out.
Ray Hennessey

How Old Is Too Old to Start a Business? The Answer May Surprise You. (Infographic)

Martha Stewart didn't do any home decorating until she was 35. And Charles Flint started IBM at 61.
Catherine Clifford

Delivery Startups Scare Up Halloween Costumes in Bid to Boost Visibility

Companies such as Postmates, WunWun and Instacart have added delivery of Halloween costumes to their inventory for a limited time.
Kate Taylor

Mark Zuckerberg's Grand Vision for the Next 10 Years of Facebook

How the company can use its success to invest in long-term goals that will make it an even stronger company over the next decade.
Alyson Shontell

10 Single Mom Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

These single mothers, all of whom run successful companies, have learned critical lessons about building a business while raising a family.
Kate Taylor
Leadership Qualities

Papa John's Handling of Employee Tragedy a Reminder of What Good Leadership Looks Like

Family members of a slain employee in Tennessee said they 'never once imagined that this would touch anyone high up in the Papa John's corporate office, let alone John Schnatter.'
Geoff Weiss

5 Ways to Get Your First Customer

The initial adopters of your product play a pivotal role for your company. They bring in revenue and can open doors to other purchasers.
Diana Kander
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