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Matthew Toren

3 Dirty Little Habits That Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and co-founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com
Zeynep Ilgaz

The 5 Best Pitch Tactics I Heard as an Angel Investor

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and President of Confirm Biosciences and TestCountry
Steve Tobak

10 Behaviors of Genuine People

Author and Managing Partner, Invisor Consulting
Shawn Mcintyre

Stop Reacting and Start Responding

CEO and Founder of Shawn McIntyre Fitness
Jimmy Daly

4 Revolutionary Behavioral Email Marketing Ideas

Head of Content at Vero, Editor of SwipeFile





Multitasking Can Damage Your Brain and Career, Studies Say

Researchers found that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time.
Travis Bradberry

April 21 Is Your Last Chance for Mobile Optimization Before 'Mobilegeddon'

The search giant is currently working on a major algorithm change that will revolutionize the way mobile friendliness is determined.
Jayson DeMers
Problem Behaviors

3 Dirty Little Habits That Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

If it seems like everyone else is succeeding but you -- you might be sabotaging your success with these bad behaviors.
Matthew Toren

Apple's Tim Cook on Leadership: 'The Most Important Data Points Are People'

Cook, who took over for Steve Jobs in 2011, stresses that CEOs need to make swift decisions.
Laura Entis
Pitching investors

The 5 Best Pitch Tactics I Heard as an Angel Investor

The best pitches tend to incorporate these elements.
Zeynep Ilgaz

Stop Reacting and Start Responding

Virtually all of your thoughts and feelings are conditioned responses to past experiences. But if your strategy is flawed, you'll continue to get low returns on your efforts.
Shawn Mcintyre
Email Marketing

4 Revolutionary Behavioral Email Marketing Ideas

Stop guessing who to email and what to say.
Jimmy Daly

The Surprising Benefits of Laughter

That case of the giggles is good for more than the obvious ab workout.
Laura Entis

30 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs (Infographic)

Check out these snippets of business advice from entrepreneurs including Warren Buffett, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs.
Kate Taylor
Sales Strategies

This One Word Is the Key to Sales Success

If there was one word for salespeople and business owners to embrace it would be this one.
Alice Myerhoff

4 Tips to Wire Your Brain for Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Developing mental stamina helps us manage uncertainty, improves relationships and increases well being.
Terri Egan and Suzanne Lahl

'Anti-Ball Crushing' Pants Are Putting Lululemon on the Menswear Map

The wildly popular item 'gives you and the family jewels room to breathe,' Lululemon says.
Geoff Weiss

These High-Tech High Heels Change Color With the Click of an App

If the shoe fits, work it. Heck yeah, chameleonic electronic 'ink' tricked out stilettos look as cool as they sound.
Kim Lachance Shandrow
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