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Eric Siu

How Much Money Should Your Startup Be Burning Through?

CEO, Single Grain. Founder, Growth Everywhere.
Kelsey Ramsden

The Physical and Emotional Truths of Entrepreneurship

Serial Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Speaker, Mentor
Matt Mayberry

Don't Let Your Circumstances Paralyze You

Speaker and Maximum Performance Strategist. CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises




Money Management

3 Money Mistakes You Must Fix to Get Rich

Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary says you need to understand your relationship to money.
Kevin O'Leary
Big Data

5 Ways Open Government Data Can Inspire Startup Innovation

The best things in life are often free. And that's the case with scores of public information sets.
Asha Saxena

10 Quotes From Entrepreneurial Icons That Will Inspire You to Crush 2015

New goals, new challenges, new opportunities and new milestones will come with the new year.
Jonathan Long
Startup Basics

Great Idea But Little Capital? Don't Let That Hold You Back.

Here are eight strategies to build your business with sweat equity.
Nina Zipkin

10 Things Exceptionally Productive Entrepreneurs Do Every Day

Boost your productivity right now with these quick wins.
Michael Simmons

Marissa Mayer 'Balked' at Hiring Gwyneth Paltrow for Yahoo Food Because She Didn't Graduate From College

In developing Yahoo's myriad tech products, Mayer obsessively references data and metrics. In honing the company's media strategies, however, she prefers to go with her gut.
Geoff Weiss
Money Management

How Much Money Should Your Startup Be Burning Through?

Decisions on burn rate must be made within the context of a startup's growth stage, the industry it operates in and the amount of financing raised.
Eric Siu

Randi Zuckerberg's Simple Secret for Juggling Career and Kids

The media maven offers a candid look at her 'lopsided' life as a working mother and explains how she prioritizes her time.
Kim Lachance Shandrow
Personal Health

The Physical and Emotional Truths of Entrepreneurship

What do you want to feel like in 2015? Learn where to draw your line.
Kelsey Ramsden
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