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Firas Kittaneh

11 Unusual Social Media Tips to Drive Branding, Clicks and Conversions

CEO at One Mall Group, Entrepreneur, SEO and Ecommerce Expert
Jeff Boss

Inspire the Innovation Monster Within

CrossLeader, writer, and fitness enthusiast
Sean Kelly

5 Surefire Ways to Maximize Your Life, Starting This Morning

Social Entreprenreur, CEO & Co-Founder,
David Redmond

We Have Lost Sight of the Real Meaning of Innovation

President of Consumer at Windstream Communications
Adam Toren

10 Quotes on Persistence to Help You Keep Going

Serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor and co-founder of




Personal Development

5 Surefire Ways to Maximize Your Life, Starting This Morning

To thrive professionally and personally, nourish your body, brain and spirit, every morning.
Sean Kelly

10 Quotes on Persistence to Help You Keep Going

The ability to keep making progress may just be the greatest skill an entrepreneur can learn.
Adam Toren

5 Steps to Building a New Habit

Understanding how to build new habits is essential for making progress in your health, your happiness, and your life in general. Let's get started.
James Clear
Social Media Marketing

5 New Social-Media Platforms Worth a Look

They don't have big followings, yet, but that is part of their allure. These promising platforms can help you develop an invaluable social media niche.
John Boitnott

$15,000 Could Be Yours If You Fix This Evil Airport Affliction

Calling all brains: The TSA is looking for someone to help them figure out this major airport headache -- and is willing to pay for the solution.
Kim Lachance Shandrow
Leadership Qualities

How to Do Business Like a Genius

Here are four traits of highly intelligent people that everyone can adopt in business and in life.
Nina Zipkin

5 Tips for Finding Friends When You're a Startup Newbie

Everybody begins as an outsider. The connections you need are just outside your comfort zone.
Geoff McQueen

The Most Expensive Domain Names in Internet History

A look at URLs that have sold for $1 million or more.
Alyson Shontell
Starting a Business

4 Reasons Why Your Startup May Never Be Successful

The high failure rate that occurs in the startup world can be attributed to many different factors, but often, it comes down to these four recurring problems.
Thomas Oppong
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