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Personal Finance

How to Live Rent-Free While Building Your Business

With this simple strategy, you'll have enough to cover monthly living expenses and may even turn in a profit.
Brandon Turner
Startup Basics

5 Preventable Disasters That Have Ruined Countless Startups

Allowing your business to succumb to one of these entirely preventable fates will lead to regret.
Jayson DeMers

Want to Be Successful? Quit Being Entitled.

Nothing worth achieving is ever easy. It always takes smarts, guts, hard work, and perseverance.
Steve Tobak

10 Reasons You're Not a Millionaire -- Yet

The world makes it tough to get rich but only our pessimism makes it impossible.
Timothy Sykes
Inspirational Quotes

20 Quotes to Help Motivate You to Hustle Like Never Before

Building great businesses, achieving massive goals and rising to the top of your profession doesn't just happen by accident.
Matt Mayberry

7 Quick Tips for Redesigning Your Company Logo (Infographic)

Change doesn't have to be complicated. Simply tweak the old to ring in the new. Here's how.
Kim Lachance Shandrow
Ask the Money Guy

Should You License Your Product?

An expert breaks down the good and the bad of licensing to help you decide.
Inspirational Quotes

10 Inspirational Quotes About Independence From Successful Entrepreneurs

Ten famous entrepreneurs tell us why they declared their freedom.
Matthew Toren
Small Business Financing

8 Ways to Make Certain Optimism Doesn't Blind You to Signs You're Going Broke

Never stop believing you will succeed and never stop watching for signs you are failing.
Jared Hecht

The Secret to Connecting With Your Audience

There's one thing you can do that will rally your customers, colleagues and even competitors.
Stephen Key

8 Trends That Food Franchises Are Watching Right Now

Franchises make up a huge portion of the restaurant industry. So, when they spot a trend, it's worth paying attention.
Kate Taylor

Robert Herjavec: 'The World Doesn't Reward Mediocrity.'

The millionaire Shark Tank star says this is what you need to do to achieve a level of personal satisfaction that money can never buy.
Kim Lachance Shandrow

Anatomy of a VC Deal: How One Seattle Startup Raised $12.5 Million

We'll take you through the entire process, from pitch decks to cut checks.
Michelle Goodman
Inspirational Quotes

Sage Business Advice From America's Founding Fathers

To celebrate the Fourth of July, here are inspirational quotes from five signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Matthew Toren
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How to Live Rent-Free While Building Your Business

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Want to Be Successful? Quit Being Entitled.

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10 Reasons You're Not a Millionaire -- Yet

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