Chef Jamie Oliver on Getting the Magic Right

In the latest episode of Behind the Brand, I get in the kitchen with chef and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver, best known for his shows, The Naked Chef and Food Revolution and his efforts to promote healthy eating.

What can business pros learn from Jamie? A lot.

Jamie is a passionate entrepreneur who is making things happen. In addition to his books and shows, he launched a party planning business last year in the U.S. called Jamie Oliver At Home, has built a huge online community and a popular YouTube channel, Foodtube. His compelling projects mobilize fans through trust to push massive change everywhere from school cafeterias, to home kitchens and quick service restaurants.

Creating compelling content takes planning, says Oliver, and the space to make magic. Oliver says focus is key and recommends that entrepreneurs give themselves the freedom to say "no," and to dedicate a portion of their budgets just for making mistakes. This space is essential to creating a product that stands apart. Says Oliver, "You could take the best people in the world, and do a beautiful job, and over-deliver and undercharge, and if you don't have the magic right, it won't work."

We can all take a page from Jamie's playbook. Watch this episode and tweet me @BryanElliott or leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

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