Selling Clothes on eBay

One of the exciting things about looking for things to sell on eBay is that merchandise can be found almost anywhere. In this excerpt of How to Sell Clothing, Shoes and Accessories on eBay, we'll provide you with resources, ideas, and insider tips on how and where to look for specific items to sell. If you want to sell "new-with-tags" clothing and accessories, you can find out how to approach vendors and manufacturers, as well as develop a sharp eye for seasonal items that have been significantly reduced. Sellers who specialize in vintage wear or other types of secondhand clothing will discover that after their closets have been emptied, garage sales and thrift shops are not the only reliable sources to find good bargains.

What's Hot
Start by taking a closer look at some of the areas of interest within the Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories category on eBay and the impact they have on the fashion industry:

Name Brands
Designer labels such as Prada, Coach, and Banana Republic have always been a runway hit in the world of fashion--whether it is new or used clothing, shoes, or accessories. And this doesn't just apply to adults. Today's teenagers are obsessed with name brands, although their wallets may not support their increasingly sophisticated tastes. Also, during recent years a number of high-end designers have introduced clothing lines specifically for babies and children. By targeting the younger generation, these savvy marketers are hoping to establish brand loyalty that will last through adulthood. Of course this passion for fashion can take its toll on bank accounts and credit cards, and that is where venues like eBay come in.

When it comes to children's clothing, gently used name brands such as Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy, Osh Kosh B'Gosh, or Carters (just to name a few) are always in high demand. They wash up extremely well and can be sold in "like new" condition.

Brand-New with Tags
New clothing and accessories that are sporting original retail tags are always a big draw for eBay consumers because it has never been worn by anyone else. Also, new-with-tag (NWT) items don't have to be a name brand to be a hot item. Although some retailers are starting to get in on the action by auctioning their own store items, just remember that on eBay everyone is on a level playing field.

Gently used clothing and accessories are a mainstay for eBay sellers and buyers alike. Items that are in good condition--preferably "like new"--can bring top dollar, especially in subcategories for children, maternity, special occasion, vintage, or if they feature designer labels. Make sure to check items for tears, stains, or other blemishes. If something has a ripped seam or missing button and is otherwise in good shape, patch it up to be resold for a higher profit.

Vintage is one of the top areas on eBay. Vintage wear are fashions and accessories that are no longer made, hard to find, and in big demand. To familiarize yourself with vintage designs, study old magazines and patterns to see how they are constructed. Teach yourself how to recognize true vintage wear by analyzing its style, fabric, label, and the way it's sewn. Research successfully closed eBay auctions and join focus groups to network with industry professionals. Purchase vintage clothing pricing guides so that you can educate yourself on values. This will come in especially handy if you are getting ready to pass over a $20 dingy leather jacket that was made by the East West Musical Instruments Company in the 1960s and is now worth over $3,000.

Handcrafted and personalized "boutique" items have always commanded a big presence on eBay because people love having things that are one-of-a-kind. Selling custom-made items can seem a bit daunting, but many crafters have found eBay to be a great source of revenue because of its huge audience. And even if you are not personally a crafty person, consider entering into a joint venture partnership with someone who is, and splitting the profits. Or you can purchase the items directly from the crafter and resell them on eBay, keeping the profits for yourself.

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