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Sell Your Item

The "Sell Your Item" form is the eBay seller's gateway to the 193 million registered eBay users. The newest version of the "Sell Your Item" form features a simplified listing process with fewer pages and fields, cuting down on the time it takes to create a listing. You enter all your details on one page, and you can review it before completing the listing. You can also customize the form to hide options you don't use, showing only the ones you do use.

You can create attractive and colorful item descriptions with more than 120 colors and twice as many fonts as the form's previous version. The new form also supports the Firefox browser. There is a "category suggestions" feature that gives you advice on listing your item in the best category for maximum exposure. Other additions are dynamic help and personalized tips, which automatically provide guidance and best practices as you make your way through the form.

The new form also offers a listing preview section that helps you see in advance what your listing will look like when potential buyers see it. Finally, there are reusable listing templates to make it easier for you to list additional items. Learn more about the new "Sell Your Item" form at

What Would You Sell?
Before you can sell on eBay, you need to have something to sell. The good news is, you almost certainly already do. What Would You Sell? is an eBay feature that helps you identify items you own that you could sell on eBay. It also helps you see how similar items have fared, decide whether to sell yours and get help in listing them.

Here's how it works: What Would You Sell? displays mock-ups of rooms in a typical house, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen and garage. Clicking on a tab naming one of these areas switches you to the appropriate mock-up. Then click on one of the items in the picture--for example, a painting on the living room wall. A small window will pop up with information about similar items on eBay; for instance, art sells on eBay every 14 seconds. Clicking a link in the pop-up takes you to recently completed listings for items in that category.

Another link on the What Would You Sell? page takes you directly to a "Sell Your Item" form so you can instantly begin the process of turning your unwanted items into cash. If you need selling tips, another link takes you to Seller Central. Learn more about What Would You Sell? at

Shipping Center
Fulfillment is a vital part of eBay selling, and the Shipping Center is your eBay tool for handling logistics cost- and time-effectively. The shipping tools available here let you do things such as include a flat shipping rate in your listings or use the eBay Shipping Calculator so that buyers can use their own ZIP codes to figure out their shipping cost.

When it comes time to ship a customer's purchase, the Shipping Center helps you buy and print labels for both domestic and international UPS and U.S. Postal Service shipments. You can also use the Shipping Center to request a pickup from UPS or USPS, saving you time and gas money on a trip to the drop-off location. Finally, you can track shipments using either My eBay or PayPal's "Account Overview" feature.

Links from the Shipping Center take you to sources for shipping supplies on eBay, a helpful video to save you time on shipping, and eBay's Freight Resource Center, where you will find tools to calculate shipping rates and arrange shipment for items over 150 pounds.

eBay charges no fees for Shipping Center services, and you can pay carriers for the cost of shipping and insurance through PayPal. Learn more about the Shipping Center at

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