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Having an eBay Store can take your sales to the next level, as sellers with an eBay Store can list in all three formats. It is important to maintain a mix of auction-style and Fixed-Price listings in addition to your Store Inventory. Artemisa Saucedo, eBay Stores marketing manager, offers the following tips for managing and promoting your Store Inventory:

  • Cross-promote store inventory in auction-style and Fixed-Price listings. Auction-style and Fixed-Price listings receive more exposure on eBay search and browse results, with Store Inventory items appearing at the bottom of the page. "A best practice is to list auction-style and Fixed-Price listings in addition to Store Inventory items," says Saucedo. This helps drive traffic back to your Store via the use of cross promotions on your "View Item" page.
  • Check item and category sales patterns. "Use eBay Marketplace Research to see what listing formats are most successful for the items you sell," Saucedo says. The most popular format--either auction-style, Fixed-Price or Store Inventory--is probably your best bet, but a shortage of any one format may signal an opportunity to attract buyers that other sellers are missing. Learn more about eBay Marketplace Research at ebay.com/marketplace_research.
  • Attract more buyers with markdown manager. Introduced in late January 2007, Markdown Manager now lets you hold a sale by discounting some or all of your Fixed-Price or Store Inventory items. Learn how to use this tool to attract more buyers at ebay.com/markdownmanager.
  • Optimize your listing strategy. Use your Store Traffic Reports to see where your buyers are coming from, advises Saucedo, and consider responding with more listings in the most popular formats. --Marcia Layton Turner

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Marcia Layton Turner's work has appeared in Woman's day, Health and Black Enterprise. She is based in Pittsford, N.Y.

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