Beat Business Trip Boredom

Hockey Games, Peaches and More

6. Find a local spa.
Spas often offer massage techniques related to the location. For example, Hawaii is known for the Lomi Lomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage passed down through generations. A massage or spa treatment can not only ease your jet lag, but might also teach you about the culture of the area you're visiting. LiAnne Yu, strategic director and cultural anthropologist of research-based innovation consulting firm Cheskin, says making time for the spa is a necessary part of her business travel. Yu recommends consulting with your hotel's concierge to find hole-in-the-wall spots in more exotic destinations. Some of her favorite spa experiences include a massage by a blind massage therapist in China and a head massage using almond oil in India. Map out your spa schedule ahead of time with the help of websites like Spa Finder, where you can find a list of local spas by city or zip code.

7. Visit an art exhibition.
Peruse the local newspaper or its website for a calendar of events for local art exhibits. The Los Angeles Times includes this information in its Calendar Live website, where it features a search engine to help you find an exhibit in Southern California cities on any given day. If business brings you to Colorado, the Denver Art Dealers Association lists showings at local galleries. For trips abroad, look up your location on Artspan's Calendar of Art Events page to find a nearby event.

8. Tour a historical home.
For history buffs, try to fit a tour of a historical site into your busy schedule. If you're in Boston for a meeting, make a day trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts, to travel back in time at Plimouth Plantation, where actors recreate a small farming town built by English colonists. Near Rhode Island? Visit The Breakers in Newport, the former elite summer home to the Vanderbilt family. If you're looking for a haunted tour, the 1692 witchcraft tours by Salem Historical Tours are sure to send a chill down your spine. The Yahoo! Directory has compiled various tour sites.

9. Sample the local flavor.
There are certain times of year that various locations become synonymous with a particular food. During the summer, the Sandhills of North Carolina are known for producing perfect peaches. If you happen to find yourself in town for business during June, July or August, be sure to seek out small orchards selling peaches from their roadside stands. And if business brings you to Maine, get your bib ready; a trip there wouldn't be complete without sampling the world-renowned lobster. Maine's Lobster Festival is held every August. Your destination's chamber of commerce can steer you in the right direction for special foods events.

10. Cheer on the home team.
In terms of fan loyalty, Montreal, Canada, is arguably one of the best hockey towns. So when you plan a meeting with potential clients there, why not get a taste of in-your-face hockey action at the home of the Canadiens? Or if business takes you to Europe during the summer months, try to score tickets to watch the tennis elite battle it out at Wimbledon. Both the Yahoo! Directory and Ticketmaster can help you find an event in your sport of choice. On a smaller scale, attending a local college sporting event could be just as much fun. Take sides in a famous college rivalry, don the proper attire, learn the fight song, and you'll fit right in. Simply go to the website of a nearby college or university and check out their sports department for dates and times.

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