We Are All Born Rich

Using Your Leverage

Leverage Is The Key
Ever since humans lived in caves, humans have sought leverage. Two of the first forms of leverage were fire and the spear. Fire and the spear gave humans leverage over their harsh environment. When a child was able, the parents would teach the child how to make his or her own fire and to use the spear as protection and for killing animals for food. Years later, the spear was reduced in size and the bow and arrow was developed, a higher form of leverage. Again, one of the definitions of leverage is the ability to do more with less. A bow and arrow is an example of doing more with less . over a spear.

As time went on, humans continued to use their brains to develop more leverage. Learning to ride a horse was a powerful form of leverage. Not only was the horse used for transportation and the tilling of soil for planting crops, the horse also became a powerful force in warfare.

When gunpowder was developed, the ruler who had cannons conquered rulers who did not. Indigenous peoples such as the American Indians, Hawaiians, Maoris of New Zealand, the Aborigines of Australia and many other cultures were conquered by gunpowder.

Only a hundred years ago, the automobile and the airplane replaced the horse. Again, both new forms of leverage were used for peacetime purposes and for warfare. Today, the countries that control the world's supplies of oil have leverage over much of the world.

Radio, television, telephone, this computer I am writing on and the World Wide Web are all forms of leverage. Each new breakthrough adds more wealth and power to those who have the access and the training to use these leveraged tools.

If you want to become rich and not be a victim of global changes, it is important that you develop the greatest lever of all: your mind. If you want to be rich and keep your wealth, your mind--your financial education--is your greatest lever of all.

Donald and I both had the advantage of having rich dads who introduced us to the world of money. But all our rich dads could do was introduce us. We still had to do our part. We still had to study, learn, practice, correct and grow. Just as the father and mother in the cave taught their children to start fire and use a spear, we had rich dads who taught us how to use money and our minds to become rich.

I can hear some of you saying, "But I don't have a rich dad. I wasn't born into money. I don't have a good education." This type of thinking may be the reason why your chances for attaining and, more importantly, keeping great wealth are slim. Your chances may be slim because you are using your greatest asset, your mind, against yourself. You are using your mind to make excuses rather than to make money. Remember, your mind is your greatest lever. But all levers can work in two directions--for good or bad. Just as debt can be used to make you rich, debt can be used to make you poor.

I did not have a great education, nor was I born into a rich family. The one thing I did have was a rich dad who taught me to use my mind to make money . and not to make excuses. Rich dad hated excuses. He used to say, "Excuses are a dime a dozen. That's why unsuccessful people have so many excuses." He would say, "If you cannot control your mind, you cannot control your life." Today, whenever I meet someone who is unhappy, unhealthy and unwealthy, I know it is simply because he or she has lost control of his or her mind, the greatest tool given to us by God.

Although Donald and I have money today, we have both experienced financial losses. If we had used our mind to blame other or to make excuses, we would both be poor today.

We Are All Born Rich
So our message to you is the same message we received from our rich dads: "We are all born rich. We all have been given the most powerful lever on earth, our minds . so use your mind for leverage to make you rich rather than to make excuses."

Reprinted with permission of The Rich Dad Company and Rich Press.

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