How to Hire an Accountant

Asking the Right Questions

Here are ten critical questions to ask when interviewing an accountant:

 1. Are you a CPA? (Don't assume every accountant is.)

 2. Are you licensed to practice in your state?

 3. When and where did you receive a license to practice?

 4. Where did you go to school, and what degrees did you earn?

 5. Who are some of your clients? (Call them.)

 6. In what area do you specialize?

 7. How big or small are your clients, and what size were they when you began your relationship with them?

 8. How accessible are you? (Some accountants are only available during business hours; others will give you their home or pager number.)

 9. To what professional organizations do you belong? How active are you in those groups?

10. What are your fees? (Ask to see some current invoices.)

Start Your Own Business Excerpted from Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition by the staff of Entrepreneur.
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