The Startup CEO's Ultimate Guide to Combating Stress & 'Silicon Valley Syndrome'

Sheena Nadeau is a fitness expert, physical therapist and founder of Live Liberated in Silicon Valley, which runs exercise programs at office campuses. She often schools clients on physical therapy protocols, Pilates method and yoga to improve their postures.

“Posture is the most important factor,” Nadeau says. “Excluding ab exercises, one should maintain a neutral spine while sitting, standing and definitely while working out.”

Follow these basics from her Postural Re-education Program:

1. Counter the damages of sitting all day with Hip Flexor Stretches.

There are 10 hip flexing muscles on each side, so doing just one stretch position is inadequate to relieve tension from sitting all day. Repeat each Hip Flexor Stretch three times, holding each position for 30 seconds. 


2. Then do these QL/Low Back Stretches to release tension in the lower back and upper glutes. (Three sets each, holding each position for 30 seconds.)


3. Last, strengthen the upper back and shoulders with these Posture Strength: Ys, Ts and Ws. 
(Three sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise; repeat three times a week.)


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