Working From The Wilderness

Off To A Rocky Start

August 5

One thing that's certain about taking the office on the road is you can't make any money grocery shopping, cutting firewood or traveling. It's funny how many conveniences we take for granted. This is tough. Time is losing all meaning and I'm starting to wonder if this is truly possible. My cell phone can't keep a charge long enough to sustain drawn-out telephone negotiations, which is what business attorneys tend to do. If I can't communicate freely, I'm out of business. You definitely need back-up cell-phone batteries if the outpost office is in your plans.

Today, I created a number of important documents I want to share with my clients, but I can't get the cellular modem to cooperate. Companies who sell computer and communication gadgets are constantly capturing our imagination with futuristic portrayals of beautiful, wired individuals lounging on a beach while effortlessly enjoying digital telephony. Well, here I am, guys, and I can't get this bloody gear to work. I've called customer service and the dealer, and I've clicked on "Help" in the software. Hours later, notwithstanding a dozen different attempts, I still can't fax or e-mail, so I have to go into town to find a phone line to tap into. It's too late now--all the stores are closed. Time to scrounge some firewood while my clients' patience is tested.

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