Working From The Wilderness

Appreciating The Little Things

August 15, 8:05 p.m.

The fast approaching twilight has cast a warm glow on my lakeside camp in the high country of Idaho. This is a good night. A warm shower provided by the state is only a few steps away. Melodic strains of Vivaldi drift from my CD player, mixing perfectly with my cocktail. This is truly heaven on earth, and my heart soars as all the trouble in getting here boils down to this moment. When your heart is pure and you take the opportunity to let time lick you in the face, creativity flows like honey. The fires in adjoining camps flicker through the Ponderosa pines. It's Sunday and I worked at moneymaking endeavors from sunrise until 2 o'clock. Life is in perfect balance.

We have ignition. When you're performing e-commerce in the forest, electricity is your most precious commodity, and I've finally been able to put together my own solar system for a little more than $250. I'm amazed at how bright a 7.5 watt bulb is in the black void that is night. I have to constantly remind myself that I'm not on vacation. This is particularly true in the mornings when I take a sunrise stroll with a steaming mug of hot French Roast down to the sandy shores of crystal clear Payette Lake. Of course, my clients also do a great job of reminding me that I'm still working. You never know when they'll call, so if you want to take a walk, it's a good idea to have a day pack full of active files. A good sitting rock along a path can make a great office, if you're prepared.

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