Working From The Wilderness

Animal Encounter

August 24

My office is now in a screenhouse designed to exclude all the critters that would choose me as a meal. However, I did have a visitor in my office today who did little to help my productivity. Naturally, I was conducting a conference call at the time with four lawyers who were unaware of my forest address. We were discussing some complex documents I needed to refer to while a squirrel that worked his way under my screenhouse wall refused to return the same way. Instead, being predisposed to look up for safety, my crazy friend decided to climb his way to freedom and began clinging to the mesh and running around the walls.

The netting apparently horrified this little gymnast, as he then shot for the slick roof and fell into my file box. Meanwhile, I grabbed the documents and tried to stay away from his repeated high dives. Having a squirrel in my shirt was going to be hard to explain to the negotiators, who were very serious in making their points heard. The screeching and scolding was almost drowning out the noise from the squirrel, but I feared the distinguished gentlemen would soon guess my predicament. Fortunately, the electricity generated by the situation did nothing for my cell-phone battery, which ran out of juice. Dropped call. At least everyone can understand that, but the loss of continuity is frustrating for all concerned.

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