Getting Good Training

Continuing Education

Training doesn't end there. It's continual for you, your management team and your crew. Great franchisors regularly hold advanced training programs for management, giving them skills that can only be learned once they have real world experience. They provide regional and system-wide training programs when new products or services are introduced. They expect their field consultants to observe your staff during their periodic visits to your location and help you assess the quality of your employees and, when necessary, help you improve their performance.

Training is the hallmark of great franchise systems. It's ongoing, thorough and measured. Hopefully, as a franchisee, you selected well and found a system that dedicates its resources to training. But as a franchisee, it's also your responsibility to take advantage of the training provided by the franchisor, look for training programs outside of the system that will benefit you and, most important, make sure your staff is trained, too.


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