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eBay has dozens of tools to help you enhance your listings as well as your other eBay activities.

  • "About Me" page: This page is a way to educate bidders on what you have to offer, your policies (payment terms, shipping, returns), and why they can feel comfortable buying from you.
  • Bidder management tools: There may be times when you want to control who can bid on your listings. eBay offers two tools for this: The blocked bidder/buyer list lets you set up a list of bidders/buyers who aren't allowed to bid on or purchase your items. The preapproved bidder/buyer list lets only the people on that list bid on or purchase your listed items.
  • eBay community: You'll find a helpful collection of discussion boards, chat sessions and online workshops.
  • Feedback: Feedback is the tool by which an eBay user's reputation is built. There are three types of feedback-positive, neutral and negative-and both parties in a transaction are encouraged to leave feedback about each other.

An eBay user's feedback rating is the number in parentheses after his or her User ID. The feedback rating is calculated by giving one point for each positive comment, giving no points for a neutral comment, and subtracting one point for each negative comment.

  • My eBay: My eBay allows you to manage your buying, selling and other account activities. The links on the My eBay page include "My Summary" (where you can view such items as "eBay Announcements" and "Buying Reminders"), "All Buying," "All Selling," "All Favorites" and "My Account."
  • PowerSeller program: eBay's PowerSeller program is designed to recognize certain levels of achievement by eBay sellers. PowerSellers are held to strict standards regarding both their sales volume and their business conduct.
  • Relist feature: If your listing doesn't result in a winning bid, or if it results in an Unpaid Item, you can qualify to relist. If the item sells, eBay will refund the fee for the relisting.
  • Second chance offer: This allows sellers to offer an item to an underbidder at the underbidder's highest bid if the winning bidder doesn't complete the purchase or if the seller has more than one item available.
  • Seller's assistant: This tool, available for a monthly subscription fee, helps you create professional listings in bulk, track them, and manage customer correspondence. It provides easy-to-use templates for standard auction-style and eBay Stores listings, and also automatically inserts payment terms, tax, shipping, and any other details you want to include.
  • Warranty services: If you sell electronics or computer items, you can increase bidders' comfort level by offering a standard or extended warranty through eBay's Warranty Services program. Promote the warranty option in your listing, and a third-party company handles the warranty sale and servicing.

The Latest Tools

The big three ebay selling tools-Turbo Lister, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro-are updated to stay current with users' needs and site features.

Turbo Lister, the free desktop tool that makes listing multiple items faster and easier, now allows you to import and export spreadsheet files of items, along with their listing details. Plus, now you can select multiple shipping services. The edit view in Turbo Lister has also been redesigned so you can preview item specifics quickly and easily on one page, rather than having to go through several pages.

Some recent improvements have also been added to Selling Manager-the online sales management tool that eases listing and tracking and other selling jobs-and Selling Manager Pro, which helps high-volume sellers do bulk listings, manage sales, communicate with customers, manage inventory, and print labels and invoices. Integration with My eBay makes this tool easy and convenient to use.

Another eBay product is called eBay Toolbar, which helps you track the items you've bid on as well as the items you're watching. This downloadable toolbar protects eBay accounts and users with the Account Guard feature by turning green when you're visiting an official eBay or PayPal site. If you're on any other normal site, the toolbar indicator is gray. If you're on a known spoof site, it turns red.

Solutions Directory

The solutions directory provides a single source to help you find software applications and services to increase your business productivity on eBay.

There are more than 7,000 members of the eBay Developers Program, and many of them create applications that specifically address a variety of needs of businesses on eBay. Examples include services that integrate companies' existing inventory management systems with the eBay Platform, or listing management and automation software. Users find implementing new systems or taking advantage of these services increases their eBay business levels. When sellers transition from using the eBay "Sell Your Item" form to using software, they sell more merchandise, and they're more productive.

The eBay Solutions Directory will host approximately 500 developer applications by the end of 2004. The solutions will be categorized by feature, functionality, eBay category or price. So if you're looking for a software application to publish listings on eBay, you'll find it under "Listing Management." Users can also browse the directory to find applications that support specific activities.

Each listing will include the price of the solution so users can compare features and benefits. Listings also include a link to the developer's Web site so users can find out even more about the solutions and make purchases.

All software in the directory will go through a technical compliance review process prior to inclusion in the directory to ensure that applications are eBay-compliant. Beyond serving as a handy resource for eBay users, the directory helps eBay Developers reach the eBay community with their solutions, which is only further incentive for them to develop useful products and services for the eBay community. Learn more here.

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