Aliza P. Sherman

Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer, e-entrepreneur and author of eight books, including

PowerTools for Women in Business.

Her work can be found at

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Advertising Alphabet Soup-The CPC

A simple guide to decoding advertising lingo
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Proper Forum Posting

Rules for inviting others to your site through discussion boards
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Submission Sites

Have someone else submit your site to search engines.
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What's a Strategic Alliance?

Give and take: Need more traffic? Offer your content.
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Reality Check

Get your online business started the right way
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What's An Affiliate Program?

Sell your products online by creating an online partnership.
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Build A Digital Database

Use customer information to find out what they want.
Business Opportunities

Your Secret Marketing Weapon

Make the most of your e-mail signature
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Proper Posting Rules

Netiquette for posting a message
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A Portable Translator

Need help with a foreign language when traveling? Here's a handy device.
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Instant Surveys

Want to know what your Web site visitors think about you? Just ask.
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What Is A Web App?

Find out how these online tools can simplify your life.
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Synchronize Me

A quick way to get all your contact information synchronized on your tech devices.
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The Movable Mouse

For those of you who can't sit still while you're on the phone, there's a new mouse to check out.
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News The Way You Like It

Personalize your newsfeeds with two cool services.
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Attack Of The Macro Viruses

Protect your computer system by practicing safe computing.
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Sync Your Bookmarks

Here's a site that helps you get all your favorites sites bookmarked on all your computers.
Business Opportunities

Getting a Little Legal Advice

Now you may be able to get the legal information you need online.
Business Opportunities

Make Security A Priority

One expert explains the importance of site security and what you should to do to protect your e-business.
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Did You Do It?

A Web site can help you determine if search engines have you listed and how you fare in search engine results.
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Taking Care Of Customers

The easiest way to answer your customers questions may be through an automatic FAQ system.
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A Million HTML Editors

Our expert selects a few HTML software packages that the professionals like.
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The Privacy Debate Continues...

An expert speaks out about the importance of privacy policies and data security.
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Sites For the Business Traveler

Check out these sites and online resources for business travelers.
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The Professional-Sounding E-Mail Address

If you don't have one yet, it's time to get your own domain-name e-mail address.
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Using Instant Messaging For Business

Save on your phone bills by using this faster, cheaper service.
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Pay For Placement: Keyword Bidding

By bidding for certain keywords, you can improve your search results.
Business Opportunities

Pay For Placement: Keyword Buying

Instead of doing the things the old way, why not pay to get better results with search engines?
Business Opportunities

What's A Voice Portal?

If you're using the Web to get access to all the information you need every day, why not try a new approach?
Business Opportunities

Getting A Cyber-Seal Of Approval

The benefits of having a privacy policy posted on your site and where you can get one

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