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Bob Weinstein

26 Recent Stories

On The Money

Figuring out how much cash you really need to start your business
April 20, 2006 in Getting Started

10 Great Ways to Generate Business Ideas

You know it's time to venture out on your own, but what to do? Find the business of your dreams with these ideas.
November 19, 2004

Easy Does It

As the number of two-income families and stressed-out singles multiplies, businesses that make life simpler are set to skyrocket.
December 1, 1999 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Wait Not, Want Not

Have a bunch of great business ideas but still no business? Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to make the leap from armchair entrepreneur to the real deal.
September 1, 1999 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Survival Of The Biggest

In the war against category killers, franchises provide entrepreneurs with secret weapons: a big company brand and the specialized service of an independent.
August 1, 1999 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Start Me Up!

Ready, willing and able--five sources guaranteed to get your business going
June 1, 1999 in Startup Basics

Someone to Watch Over Me

Why go it alone when there's help to be had?
May 1, 1999 in Startup Basics

Let Us Count The Ways

12 great reasons to start a business
April 1, 1999 in Entrepreneur Magazine

What Price Success?

Your prices can ensure your prosperity or doom you to failure. Choose them wisely.
March 1, 1999 in Financial Analysis

What's the Big Idea?

10 great ways to find the business of your dreams
February 1, 1999 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Promises To Keep

We know, we know: Resolutions were made to be broken. But if you're serious about starting that business, here are 13 you shouldn't break.
December 1, 1998 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Walk This Way

Lessons in the fine art of bootstrapping
October 1, 1998 in Self-Financing

A Golden Opportunity

Tap into this $300-billion market with a new senior-service business.
November 1, 1997 in Magazine

Consider It Done

In today's fast-forward world, concierge services are on the cutting edge. Here's how to start yours.
October 1, 1997 in Magazine

Designing For The Web

How to start one of today's fastest-growing businesses.
August 1, 1997 in Magazine

Talkin' Taxes

How Henry Bloch's ethical approach to tax preparation helped him grow H&R Block into a billion-dollar business.
June 1, 1997 in Magazine

Supplies In Demand

How Tom Stemberg's quest for consumer convenience grew into one of the main Staples of the office-supply industry.
May 1, 1997 in Magazine

Tower Of Power

Russ Solomon's dream of a record supermarket set the groove for today's music megastores.
March 1, 1997 in Magazine

From Beer To Eternity

By following family tradition, Jim Koch created one of America's most popular microbreweries.
February 1, 1997 in Magazine

Taking Stock

Failure after failure could not stop Charles Schwab from achieving huge success.
November 1, 1996 in Magazine

Birth To Billions: Zagat Survey

The creators of America's bestselling restaurant guides are masters of all they survey.
August 1, 1996 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Timing Is Everything

This heir to a watchmaking dynasty struck out on his own. Now he's the one to watch.
July 1, 1996 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Flower Power

How Jim McCann sows seeds of fortune with 1-800-Flowers
May 1, 1996 in Magazine

Building A Better Burger

How Dave Thomas turned a local restaurant into a very beefy business.
March 1, 1996 in Magazine

Rags To Riches

Chad Scales turned his idea for a frozen confection into $7 million.
February 1, 1996 in Magazine

How Two Computer Consulting Techies Made Millions In Sales

Two techies turn computer consulting into mega cash.
January 1, 1996 in Magazine