Carol Tice

Carol Tice

Carol Tice, a freelance writer, is chief executive of TiceWrites Inc. in Bainbridge Island, Wash. She blogs about freelance writing at Make a Living Writing. Email her at

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Get By With Help From the IRS

The IRS' small-business site just got a whole lot easier to use.
Franchise Buying Guide

Super Sleuthing

Doing your due diligence before buying a franchise involves some detective work. Here's how to uncover what you need to know.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Food Fetish

The trade publication Restaurant Finance Monitor reported more than 50 major equity investment deals from January 2006 to mid-2007, involving well-known brands such as Dunkin' Donuts, Outback Steakhou
Entrepreneur Magazine

Making Cents

Creating a local currency can help entrepreneurs drive sales.

By the Numbers

Use our exclusive Business Performance Dashboard to find out how your company compares to others in your industry
Entrepreneur Magazine

Small Towns, Big Money

Looking for capital? a new study shows that small towns might just be a VC paradise.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fueling Change

Is U.S. business complacent? Mr. Creativity thinks so.
Entrepreneur Magazine

A Safe Bet

If your company's technology could make our country safer, a new federal program may help you connect with potential buyers in Washington.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Blogged Down?

An internet contrarian exposes the dark side of company blogs but offers some advice on how to stay afloat.
Entrepreneur Magazine

New Bank in Town

The recent boom in community banks could mean better lending options for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Play Nice

Forget cutthroat--what you need is a little sugar and spice.

New Bank in Town

The recent boom in community banks could mean better lending options for you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's in a Name?

Take control of what the Web says about you.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Gimme a Tax Break

Tax breaks ease the burden of the minimum-wage hike.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Keep It Real

Why you should steer clear of bogus corporate entities.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Peer Power

Look online for funding by the people, for the people.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Perfect Match

Finding the right VC is a lot like dating-networking, friendly introductions and sheer luck all play a role. Discover how 3 entrepreneurs met their VCs and started lasting relationships that helped th
Entrepreneur Magazine

Develop This

Let the ideas roll--with a little help from the R&E tax credit.
Entrepreneur Magazine

No Excuses

Get informed so you can do your taxes right.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Change Agents

30 years ago, corporate was king--but the business landscape has changed. Here's a closer look at the forces that have shaped the face of entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneur Magazine

When to Fold 'Em

Wondering if you should cut your losses and move on?
Entrepreneur Magazine

You've Got People

These IRS offices have staff ready to stand up for you.
Business Management

The American Business Revolution

30 years ago, huge corporations dominated the business world. Read about the seismic shifts that turned America into a nation of entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneur Magazine

New Word Order

A political spinmeister takes his way with words to the corporate world.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Big Change

How will the new Congress affect business taxes?

Town Haul

Rural communities are staying alive by raking in big bucks on eBay.
Success Stories

Riding the Business Waves

Wisdom from the board--but not the one you'd expect.
Tax Center

Feel Safe When Filing Online

Secure online tax filing is at your fingertips.
Food Business Profiles

Lessons From a Restaurateur

Rainforest Cafe founder's entrepreneurial adventures.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Growing Up Fast

From flooring to furnishings to T-shirts, bamboo products are catching on.

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