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Tax Essentials

Taking Stock

Minimize the costs of new stock-option expensing rules.

Stock Exchange

Short on capital? If you've got a proven plan for converting inventory into cash, inventory financing could be the option for you.

Size Matters

A small bank might be your ticket to a small business loan. Here's how to find one that can help you cash in.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Just Your Size

Don't make assumptions about a bank's lending methods based on size alone--here's how to find the bank that can help you cash in.
Entrepreneur Magazine

At Your Service

In the service industry? This tracking survey will help you get the information you need.
Bank Loans and Microloans

Fees of Danger

When assessing commercial loan costs, the interest rate is often only a drop in the bucket.
Entrepreneur Magazine

What's the Plan?

How President Bush's second term agenda will affect you

Coming Up Short

Short-term financing could help your company overcome temporary setbacks or cash-flow issues.

Unconventional Financing Ideas

When the money tree looks dry, sometimes you just have to create your own branch.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Leap of Faith

Take it from those who've done it--going public will change your business.
Entrepreneur Magazine

An Acquired Taste

Before you buy that business you're craving, consider seller financing to sweeten the deal.

Commercial Break

When banks can't give you the funds you need, look to commercial finance companies for help.

Public Works

Looking for a capital infusion? Don't ignore public funding sources in your own backyard.

Branching Out

An employee stock ownership plan is more than just a great way to boost morale-it's also a cheap source of growth capital.

Cross That Bridge

Juggling growth and financial risk is one balancing act you can't afford not to master.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Fair Share?

Venture fund operators cry foul over the SBA's bid to get a greater share of their investment profits.

Why Lenders Like Funding Business Acquisitions

Buying an existing business may get lenders on your side faster than building from scratch.

A Perfect Match?

If you think an intermediary service has the quick fix you need for finding investors, take a second look.

What You Really Need to Know About Startup Financing

Don't waste your time looking for money in all the wrong places. Here's the truth about startup financing.

Give 'Em Credit

They're not just for car loans and home mortgages. Now credit unions are making business loans.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Cash In, Cash Out

Whether your company is flush with cash or barely hanging on by a thread, how you manage payables can help unlock its potential.
Home Based Business

The Search Is On

Entrepreneurs and experts all agree: If you're willing to hunt around, you can score financing to get your homebased business off the ground.
Bank Loans and Microloans

The Burden of Borrowing

Your growing company could be hindered by hidden loan costs if you don't look ahead.

Creative Ways to Fund Your Business

When the money tree looks dry, sometimes you just have to create your own branch.
SBA and Government Funding

Solid Backing

Even SBICs feel this economy, but they may have the resources to make your deal work.

Going Somewhere?

Keeping a financial road map in your company's back pocket is always a capital idea.
International Growth

Raising Money for Global Expansion

Getting financing for your international venture isn't as simple as cashing a few traveler's checks.

Can I Take Your Orders?

You have no assets. You have no receivables. How do you get financing? Make purchase orders your entry-level collateral.

Going for Broker

At the end of your rope for ways to finance your business's growth? Forget the usual suspects and try the last place you'd think of.
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