David Port

David Port is a freelancer based in Denver who writes on small business, and financial and energy issues.

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Fitness Franchise Flexes its Muscle

Fitness Snap caters to those who like to work out without the circus atmosphere.
Become a Follow-Up Fanatic
Customer Service

Become a Follow-Up Fanatic

Far too many startups lose valuable sales through a lack of consistent follow-up. Here's how to do it better.
Success Stories

A Rocky Mountain Chocolate High

Stephanie Kusayanagi learns that business can be profitable and fun.
Success Stories

Betting on Billiards Franchise Felt Right

How going with your gut can lead to franchise success
Growth Strategies

Invest in Your Own Expertise

Looking to expand your successful business? Consider consulting.
Work Less (It's Good for Business)
Success Stories

Work Less (It's Good for Business)

Doctors told Brett Schklar to slow down--or else. That's when he started his own company and learned that paying more attention to life off the job made him much better on it.
Online Marketing

Create Measurable Impact

Web metrics numbers are only as good as what you do with them.
Startup Basics

Casting a Long Shadow

Find out how to make your organization look bigger than it really is with these tips.
Business Ideas

Solo, But Not Alone

A new generation of entrepreneurs is congregating in 'co-working' spaces across the country.

The Future Is...Later

A backlog of applications at the U.S. Patent Office has innovation in a stranglehold.
Online Marketing

How to Make Your Website Really Sell

The best advice for converting visitors to your company's website into real revenue
Building a Website

Ramp up Your Redesign

Make your website's overhaul an event that attracts traffic--and customers.
Success Stories

Make Room at the Bar

America's micro-distillers are causing drinkers--and the liquor establishment--to take notice.
Selling Online

The Evolution of eBay

Despite some unpopular changes, entrepreneurs still see it as the king of online sales channels.
Compensation and Benefits

The Value of Voluntary Benefits

More small companies are turning to voluntary benefits as a low-cost way to bolster a business and empower employees.
Marketing Ideas

Boost Your Brand

How to find the perfect pitch person to get your message out
Starting a Business

Best Resources for Startups

Here's an insider's guide to 4 of the best startup resources.
Startup Basics

The Best Places for Entrepreneurs to Learn

Taking stock of the best places for entrepreneurs to learn.
Cash Flow & Money Management

APR Hikes Ambush Biz Owners

Card issuers have changed the rules. Do you know how to protect your rate, and take action if necessary?
Startup Basics

Find Your Perfect (Business) Match

Lonely singles have online matchmaking help, and so do entrepreneurs. Whether they're looking for a location, partner or funding, there's a website to hook them up.

Overhaul in the Offing at SBA

Small-biz supporters say it's time to make the agency part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Cash Flow & Money Management

Relieve the Cost Burden

Alleviate the high cost of doing business with this cost-containment guide for entrepreneurs in expensive cities like Honolulu, Anchorage and New York.
Management & Operations

You're Hired: A Project Management Primer

Celebrities may make for good TV, but they don't make very good project managers. Find out what Mr. Trump should be looking for in his Apprentice contestants.

An Action Plan for Growth

To take their ventures to new heights, entrepreneurs head back to class in the SBA's Emerging 200 program.
Success Stories

From Servicemen to Businessmen

For these veterans, SBA's PX is an entrepreneurial Rx.

SBA at a Crossroads

Sen. John Kerry and other critics are looking to turn things around for the little guy at the SBA.
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