Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams has written for numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, LIFE and Entertainment Weekly. He also is the author of Living Well with Bad Credit.

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How I Did It: Getting Started in the Pet Business
Business Ideas

How I Did It: Getting Started in the Pet Business

Meet five enterprising animal lovers who found their second acts in the booming pet industry.
How to Hire Workers for Crummy Jobs
Hiring Center

How to Hire Workers for Crummy Jobs

Need someone for a task that would make even Mike Rowe blanch? When working for you isn't a dream come true.
What Scares Business Owners?
Startup Basics

What Scares Business Owners?

Plenty of things. But, like inventory, employees and cash flow, fear can be managed.
How to Put Your Creative Stamp on a Franchise

How to Put Your Creative Stamp on a Franchise

Creative risks can make the difference between plodding and prosperous.
Five Tips for Marketing to College Students
Targeting Niche Markets

Five Tips for Marketing to College Students

Use these strategies to help you hit a constantly moving target.
Big Marketing Stunts, Small-Business Style
Marketing Basics

Big Marketing Stunts, Small-Business Style

Creating buzz around your business is tough, but it's nothing compared to keeping that momentum going.
Management & Operations

Hire the Movers, Fire the Truck

If you think moving from one house to another is stressful, try moving a business.
The Toyota Effect: Unlikely Winners and Losers

The Toyota Effect: Unlikely Winners and Losers

How is the automaker's global recall affecting other businesses?

Turn Your Car Into Your Computer

Mobile warriors rejoice; Wi-Fi has reached your vehicle. Just don't surf while driving.
Customer Service

Become a Gift-Giving Guru

Choosing the right gift is harder than it seems--and choosing the wrong one could cost you.
Business Ideas

Business Unusual: The Tailgater in Your Living Room

What if there was a service to match rabid sports fans with home owners across the country?
Startup Basics

More Buck Than Bang

Don't waste your startup funds on marketing tactics that cost more than they're worth.
Your Business Plan

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Companies are under pressure to get the results of their marketing money. Here's how to prove you're delivering.

How to Use Humor in Marketing

Humor can lead to a marketing grand slam--as long as it's done right.
Market Research

4 Ways to Kill a Deal in Brazil

Sometimes cultural barriers can undo a multimillion-dollar deal. Make sure the barrier isn't you.
Market Research

3 Ways to Kill a Deal in India

Sometimes cultural barriers can undo any multimillion dollar deal. Make sure the barrier isn't you.
Success Stories

How to Grow Without Growing Pains

Ray Barton transformed Great Clips from just four hair salons into nearly 3,000, and he did it by turning down franchises that didn't fit into his expansion strategy.

The Secret Upside to Fear

Don't let fear make your decisions. Find out how to ease your worries, and boost your business to new heights.
Entrepreneur Magazine

Little Boxes' Big 4-0

As the cubicle turns 40, we look back at the great (and not-so-great) moments in cube history.
Success Stories

The Seeds of Success

Business is blooming for, but it wasn't always that way for founder Jim McCann.
Startup Basics

Get Smarter

Would you believe. that, unlike watching the movie, reading this will make you get smart?
Entrepreneur Magazine

Innovation Nation

At Eureka! Ranch, American manufacturers find creative ways to grow.
Starting a Business

What's the Next Bubble to Burst?

It's a question for a realist, not a pessimist.
Entrepreneur Startups Magazine

Two's Company

Is your dynamic duo likely to become an explosive one? Before jumping into a business partnership, ask yourself these 7 key questions.
Business Management

Law and Potential Disorder

Find out how the latest slew of legislation could affect your business in 2008.
Xtreme Entrepreneurs

An Extension of Himself

Athlete Eric Robinson has helped build a $10 million prosthetic foot company, as well as an event that gives amputees a chance to participate in extreme sports again.
Xtreme Entrepreneurs

Crash Course on Extreme Sports

These action-sport athletes are taking on business ownership at full speed and finding out it's not always a smooth ride.

From Gamer to Gym Rat

Now gamers can play while getting in their gym time, too. And we're not just talking about the Wii.
Management & Operations

A Toy Shop Story

These toy shops may be small, but they compete with the biggest retailers every holiday season and thrive.
Success Stories

What's Up With These Docs?

These former doctors found the best treatment was to take two aspirin and start a business in the morning.
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