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Jan Norman

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It's Now Or Never

Procrastination prevention
June 1, 1999 in Leadership

How To: Set Prices

Is the price right? 9 steps to pricing your product or service for maximum profits.
December 1, 1998 in Magazine

If I'd Only Known...

What no one ever told me about running a business
December 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To: Factor

Get money to grow! Here's a little-known financing tactic even start-ups can use.
November 1, 1998 in Financing

How To: Find Suppliers

Seeking suppliers? Our 11-step plan makes it simple.
October 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To: Buy Equipment

Get the most for your money without shopping 'til you drop.
September 1, 1998 in Magazine

How to: Manage Inventory

If you don't know what's in stock, there could be trouble in store.
August 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To: Find Distributors

These middlemen can get your product on store shelves. Here's how.
July 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To: Manage Your Cash Flow

You're making sales, but are you making money?
June 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To: Insure Your Homebased Business.

Don't take chances -- take steps to protect yourself.
May 1, 1998 in Magazine

How to Find Your First Customer

Not sure where those elusive customers are lurking? Here are 15 smart places to look.
April 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To Negotiate A Lease

Get the best deal on a location
March 1, 1998 in Management & Operations

How To: Find The Perfect Location

6 factors to consider before setting your site
February 1, 1998 in Magazine

How To: Finance Your Business

Six sources of startup cash.
January 1, 1998 in Magazine

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